Members of Friends of St Helena have full access to all the Society's publications about the island as well as all our other information such as family ancestry.
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All about the Members-only Pages


Who can log into the Members-only section of this site?
Members can only access these pages after the Membership Secretary has assigned them a user name and password when the subscription fee has been paid.   
Members can renew their subscription here - this can also be used for new membership applications.

Why have I not been sent my password and user name?
Passwords and user names can only be assigned if members' email addresses are known.  Please email the Membership Secretary for a password and username - your email address will be picked up accurately from that email.

What is on the Members-only pages?
The content of these pages can only be seen after members login.  Most of the content is of historical or genealogical value.  We have already created, or plan to create, the following pages:

My Details:  Once logged in, members can modify their personal details. 

Wirebird:  Every edition published since 1990 can now be uploaded by members as Acrobat files.  A detailed index of all these editions can be read by anyone without logging in, but the facility to upload them is only available to members who login.  The most recent edition will be included in the index, but will not be up-loadable until the next issue has been published.  This reflects our policy to only allow the latest editions of our magazines to be available as printed copies.  This detailed index is the only section of the Members-only section that can be seen by anyone who has not logged in.

The St Helena Connection:  Likewise, every edition of this magazine published since the Autumn of 2006 can be uploaded by members.  Once again, a detailed index can be seen by all visitors to the site, but the actual magazines can only be uploaded by members who login with their username and password.  Like Wirebird, the latest edition is only available as printed copies.

Videos & Talks:  Many members are unable to attend our regular meetings and hear the very interesting talks given at those occasions.  On 21st May 2011, we started to add these talks on to the website, together with audio recordings and the illustrative slides, but because of recording difficuties, it was decided not to continue.   Should these difficulties be overcome, we hope to re-start this activity.

Finding Slave Ancestors:  We are publishing new research, undertaken by Colin Fox, into the emancipation of slaves on St Helena from 1827.  He has amassed a huge amount of information, with details of over 700 slaves and nearly 200 owners.  This information identifies owners, slave ages, changes in slave valuations from 1827, the date of slave emancipation, an assessment of their ability and a description of their characters.

Jamestown Archives:  The digitisation project for St Helena's historic archive, funded by the British Library's Endangered Archives Programme, makes available the island's earliest East India Company records, dating from the late 17th century.

Regimental Muster Lists:  We have published a detailed list of men serving in the St Helena Regiment in 1819 and 1827.  Not only does this provide the names, rank and ages of all these men, but also their places of origin, former occupations, on which ship they arrived and which year, their place of embarkation and previous military employment.

Constitution:  The Objectives, Powers, Rules and Regulations of the Society and also the voting procedures at General Meetings.

Virtual Library:  We are creating an on-line virtual library of books on St Helena.  Members need to login to access these books.  All this detail can only be accessed after logging-in to the site. 




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(photo:  thanks to Edward Baldwin (Members' Meeting June 2016 "Farewell to the RMS", London)