Issue 46 - 2017

Maryanne O’Donnell: A Doctor for the people: Dr Ian Shine
Ian Bruce: Alfred Mosely (Early 20th Century benefactor who campaigned to transport island population to California)
John Pinfold: A St Helena Seedling: the early history of the Salvation Army on the island.
S Morgan/J C Hillman: Alexander Frederick Charles Contest: A St Helena freed slave in Australia
R Stephen/Colin Fox: Extract from “Around the Atlantic” (WW2 memories of a radio telegraphist).

This will be downloadable when Issue 47 has been published.

Issue 45 - 2016

John Humphries: A Timely tribute
Ian Bruce: The First Dozen Years: Description of the turbulent years 1900-1911
Dr JC & SM Hillman: John Hillman and Family
Colin Fox: Encounters with the slavers: Excerpts from the diary of Hamilton Laird 1849
Colin Fox: Napoleon Bonaparte POW
Heidi Bauer-Clapp: A Small Step: Honouring St Helena’s Liberated Africans

Issue 44 - 2015

William Clark: William Clark? 20th Regiment Recollections
Margaret Dyson: St Helena sergeant James Renton
Ian Bruce: St Helena Day
Susan O’Bey: A Place of Confinement
A Lady: A letter from a Lady
David Ranzan: An island of historical attraction: A young American Sailor’s visit to the island of St Helena
Colin Fox: Sir Stamford Raffles interview with Napoleon, Voyage of EIC Ship William Pitt to St Helena 1819

Issue 43 - 2014

Colin Fox: Mutiny on the Worcester (the Court case and its aftermath)
Lichen: Memories of St Helena (Originally published under the title “St Helena as it was sixty-five years ago”)
Colin Fox: Information ref. researching at the British Library (St Helena East Company records)
Colin Fox: Saul Solomon and the Margate Murder (a “foul murder” in 1786)
Ian Bruce and Nick Thorpe: William A Thorpe, 1842-1918 (a “most outstanding island-born businessman”)
John Tyrrell: The Legend of the “Slaves” of Maldivia (the source of this legend appeared in Governor Janisch’s Extracts from the St Helena Records)
Takeshi Sugimoto: The Historic Japanese Visitors to St. Helena (a literature survey)

Issue 42 - 2013

John Pinfold: Book Review – St Helena Britannica (Review of book by Trevor W. Hearl and edited by A.H. Schulenburg) – John Pinfold
Colin Fox: Excerpt from the St Helena Gazette 18 September 1806 – recommendations from a surgeon/dentist, plus amusing anecdote – Colin Fox
Chris and Sheila Hillman: Some Observations on the St Helena Man and Horse Signal Station – Chris and Sheila Hillman
Ian Bruce: The Soldier and the Harbour Master (The story of father & son, both named George Randal Bruce, soldier & harbour master)
Dennis Bush-King: Our Melliss Family – A St Helena Connection (The Life of John Melliss who was an Assistant Surgeon in the HEIC, posted to St Helena) – Dennis Bush-King
Richard Grainger: Doctor Verling (A Surgeon during Napoleon’s imprisonment on St Helena)
Colin Fox: Rex v Robert Wright (Part 2 of Transcript of a court case brought against Captain Robert Wright in 1818 for ill-treating and beating his slave Lucy) – Extracted from St Helena Session Book, 1818

Issue 41 - 2012

Edward Baldwin: A History of St Helena’s Public Seal
John Pinfold: The Trevor Hearl Collection at Rhodes House Library, Oxford (Description of books, some extremely rare, donated research papers to the Bodleian Library)
Extract from 1827 meeting SH Ag & Hort. Soc.: Report of Surf in James’ Bay from 5th to 8th March 1821 (A report of the loss of life and damage inflicted on the island resulting from ‘rollers’)
Jon Bursey: The 36th Governor Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Elliott (Description of overall career)
Colin Fox (Transcription): Governor William Grey-Wilson, Letters to his mother (Letters donated by Bernard Mabbett written in 1887 when working as Acting Governor, describing the island at that time and describing his duties)
London Cornish Association Newsletter, 2007: Philip Scipio’s Grave (Gravestone in Devon of a slave brought from St Helena to England where he died aged 18-20 in 1734)
Austin Meares: The Napoleonic Stamps of St Helena
St Helena Session Book, 1818: Rex v Robert Wright (Transcript of a court case brought against Captain Robert Wright in 1818 for ill-treating and beating his slave Lucy)

Issue 40 - 2011

Dan Yon: St Helena Diaspora: Writing and visualising the St Helena Diaspora: One Hundred Men and Sathima’s Windsong
John Tyrrell: The Belle Poule and the Exhumation of Napoleon
Stephane Van de Velde: Chasing the Slavers: The establishment of the Vice-Admiralty Court of St Helena and its early cases
Colin Fox: The Latter Days of Slavery: Where did all the women go? (under-representation of female slaves in the statistics)
Mrs Postans: The Emperor’s Grave: A sketch of St Helena,1839 (in addition to a section about the tomb, also includes a description of a visit including disembarkation, buildings, botanical gardens, Saul Solomon and Longwood)

Issue 39 - 2010

Charles Frater: Preface (comments on the background to Robert Johnston’s article)
Robert H. Johnston: Historic Saint Helena: Island Near the Sun (description of a visit to the island in January 1962)

Issue 38 - 2009

A.H. Schulenburg: Book Review: “The Company’s Island: St Helena, Company Colonies and the Colonial Endeavour” by Stephen Royle
A.H. Schulenburg: Writing about St Helena: Purposes, motives and preparations
Richard Grainger: Mutiny of the Frank N. Thayer, 1886 (report written on mutiny by American Consul, James A. MacKnight
John Gardiner: The Caesars of St Helena (earliest ancestors, ethnicity, emancipation and later generations)
Richard Grainger: World affairs and their effect on St Helena shipping (description of shipping calling at or passing St Helena, mainly in the 1960s

Issue 37 - Autumn 2008 (Special Issue: St Helena Family History)

A.H. Schulenburg: Biography: Capt. Matthew Bazett (d.1719)
Ian Bruce: Biography: Thomas R. Bruce – The Life of a Saint (1862-1956)
Neil Walklate: Biography: William Thomas of Coity, Wales, and St Helena (1797-1829)