Issue 1 - Spring 1990

Editorial - Tony Cross
The Launching of the new RMS St Helena - Dorothy Evans
Collecting "St Helena" Part 1 (stamp collecting) - Robert C. Deakin
The Plantation Poltergeist (ghosts at Plantation House) - Charles and Kim Dixon
The Plight of the St Helena Olive - Trevor W. Hearl
Not the Prince of Wales (memories of a survivor from the torpedoed S.S. “City of Cairo”) - Douglas Quantrill
Book Review: “St Helena 1502-1938” by Philip Gosse (New Edition 1990) - Tony Cross
St Helena's Day Address 1989 (the first broadcast from St Paul's Cathedral, St Helena, on BBC's World Service) - Lilian Crowie
History in Postcards - Clifford J. Masters

Issue 2 - Autumn 1990

Editorial - Tony Cross
St Heleniana in the royal collection (island items displayed at the 1990 “Royal Miscellany” exhibition) - Trevor W. Hearl
The Deaf Boys’ Project - Owen A. George
Collecting St Helena Part 2 - The First Stamp (stamp collecting) - Robert C. Deakin
St Helena of Colchester - Clarke Chapman
The Wirebird: Past, present and future (article about the last surviving endemic bird) - Dr. Neil McCulloch
Photographs of town and country 1962 - Members of Frost-Frater Film Unit
Random recollections (memories of St Helena during World War II - Captain H.F. Driver
The mahogany table mystery - a Napoleonic legend from St Helena (use of mahogany table for coffin) - Trevor W. Hearl
Wahoo! (St Helena’s fish) - Tony Cross
“St Helena Deserves Support” - Address to the A.G.M. Of “The Friends” 1990 - Sir Bernard Braine
News of the Friends - Tony Cross
Photograph, Garrison Band Concert - Captain H. F. Driver

Issue 3 - Spring 1991

Editorial - Tony Cross
Correspondence - correction to Autumn 1990 editorial - Captain H. F. Driver
Return to St Helena - “A Short Term Expert” alias “The Glass Man” (description of St Helena visit) - Ken Harwood
The Wirebird (a poem) - Dulcie Robertson
Queen's Graduate's Memorial in St Helena (article about Dr W. J. J. Arnold) - Dr. Stephen Royle
R.M.S. St Helena Island - Terence Holmes
Collecting St Helena Part 3 (stamp collecting) - Robert C. Deakin
Jonathan of Saint Helena (a description of St Helena’s ancient tortoise) - Sir James Harford
Hall's Diary 1885-6 (Extract from a diary of a voyage from Australia describing visit to St Helena) - Mr Hall of Oxford
Commodore Perry at St Helena in 1853 - Trevor W. Hearl
Random Recollections - Captain H. F. Driver
Official opening of Prince Andrew school library - Extract from St Helena News

Issue 4 - Winter 1991

Editorial - Tony Cross
Home once more (description of fifth home visit to St Helena) - Dulcie Robertson
A Saint in Sussex (description of Pat Nichols’ woodworking skills at Rotherfield Hall) - Elizabeth Gocher
The liberation of slaves in St Helena, Part 1 - George A. Lewis, M.B.E.
Random recollections (memories of St Helena during World War II) - Captain H.F. Driver
The enthronement of the Rt. Rev'd John Ruston OGS as 13th Bishop of St Helena in the cathedral Church of St Paul on Sunday 14th April 1991 - Gillian Jones
Cardiff, 8th June 1991 (a visit to the RMS St Helena) - Tony Cross
Book Review: “A Guide to the Geology of St Helena” by Barry Weaver - Trevor W. Hearl
Sir George Bingham KCB - Pamela McClintock
St Helena and South Atlantic books in print 1991 - Trevor W. Hearl
Book Review (Supplement):  “The Emperor’s Last Stand, A Journey to St Helena” by Julia Blackburn - Tony Cross and Elizabeth Gocher

Issue 5 - Spring 1992

Editorial - Tony Cross
The re-discovery of St Helena: A Literary Odyssey (Book Reviews):  “The Emperor’s Last Island” by Julia Blackburn; “Fish and Fisheries of Saint Helena Island” by Alasdair Edwards; “Exploring St Helena: A Walker’s Guide” by Ian Mathieson & Laurence Carter; “Churches of the South Atlantic 1502-1990” by Rt. Rev. Edward Cannan; “St Helena Journal” by Anne Kotze; “Guide to the Geology of St Helena” by Barry Weaver; “St Helena 1502-1938” by Philip Gosse; “The Endemic Flora of St Helena” by Quentin Cronk; “A St Helena Cookbook” by Pamela Lawrence - Trevor W. Hearl
A visit to St Helena in 1972 - Edward Hibbert
Meeting St Helena’s water demands - Ian Mathieson
The last voyage (description of the destruction of the Papanui by fire in 1911) - 'Tony Cross
Wirebirds, donkeys and you - a talk broadcast on Radio St Helena 8th March 1972 ( description of the wirebird) - Arthur Loveridge
Island school thirty years ago - a former pupil reminisces - Elizabeth Thurston née Cross
The liberation of slaves in St Helena - Part 2 - George A. Lewis, M.B.E
Random recollections (memories of St Helena during World War II) - Captain H.F. Driver
Review:  St Helena South Atlantic Ocean, a video by Charles and Julia Frater - Tony Cross
Obituary:  Mrs Doreen Ogborn - Owen A. George

Issue 6 - Autumn 1992

Editorial - Tony Cross
A meteoric career: James Francis Homagee, 1846-1919 - Trevor W. Hearl
Random recollections - the other Briars (St Helena’s Briars and its Australian namesake) - Captain H.F. Driver
Fernao Lopes - St Helena's first settler - An English translation of the original account - Beau W. Rowlands
Obituary:  The Rt. Rev. Edward Cannan 1920-1992, Bishop of St Helena 1979-1985 - Daily Telegraph, 23rd July 1992
The funeral Of Bishop Cannan - Owen George
The story of the S.S. Papanui - Continued (extracts from “The Wirebird”, 1957) - Tony Cross
Book Review:  “Churches of the South Atlantic 1502-1990” by Rt. Rev. Edward Cannan - David Young
The Colchester connection (associations between Colchester and St Helena) - Clarice Chapman
News:  Renewal of Curnow Shipping’s contract to provide shipping service to St Helena; Death of Mrs Hugh Crallan - Tony Cross

Issue 7 - Spring 1993

Editorial - Tony Cross
Following Ted Cannan’s funeral, a letter - K. A. Harwood
Obituary:  Mr Edward Hibbert (postal historian) and Mr Tony Cross (surgeon) - Trevor W. Hearl
Thoughts on the “Papanui” articles - K. A. Harwood
Darwin’s island - Trevor W. Hearl
My fourth visit to the island - Dorothy Evans
Oswell Blakeston visits the island in 1956 - Max Chapman
Book Review:  “Exploring St Helena: A Walker's Guide” by Ian Mathieson and Laurence Carter - Trevor W. Hearl

Issue 8 - Autumn 1993

Editorial - Tony Cross
U.K. organisations with St Helena interests:  The Friends of St Helena; The St Helena Link Committee; The St Helena Diocesan Association; The St Helena Association (UK) - Owen George
The Huguenots of St Helena - Trevor W. Hearl
Random recollections - the fall of a giant (felling of the largest tree on St Helena during the 2nd World War) - H. F. Driver
The Atlantic colonies (an analysis of island colonies in the North and South Atlantic) - Steve Royle
Rare “sergeants' peninsula marks (badges awarded to sergeants guarding Napoleon who served in the Peninsular war) - Tom Riordan (Lone Sapper)

Issue 9 - Spring 1994

Editorial - Tony Cross
Obituary:  Sir James Harford - Daily Telegraph, 29 November 1993
Obituary:  Sir James Harford - Brian Gresty
Book Reviews:  “Seasoned Tales” by Geoffrey Stamp; “St Helena” by Kenneth Bain - Trevor W. Hearl
A debate in the House of Lords, 1 February 1994 (opportunities for work, citizenship, right of abode and access)
- Hansard
Book Review:  “Schooling in the South Atlantic islands” by Dorothy Evans - Tony Cross

Issue 10 - Autumn 1994

Editorial - Tony Cross
Samuel Hopewell and St Helena - John Prince Hopewell, F.R.C.S.
St Helena, an island of shopkeepers? (An analysis of the proliferation of retailers, wholesalers and traders on an island with a constrained economy) - Trevor W. Hearl
Obituary:  a tribute to the late Edward Charles Brooks, O.B.E - Owen A. George
Three prisoners from the Persian Gulf - George A. Lewis, M.B.E.
Louisa's soldier (biography of Louisa Howes following her marriage to Thomas Abrahart, a soldier) - Derek A. Bell
Treasure Trove - St Helena's Day 1994 (discovery of watercolour paintings of Longwood house and Napoleon’s tomb) - Tony Cross
British army engineers on St Helena 1816-1821 - T.M.J. Riordan
Fairport (description of a four-masted barque and its connection to St Helena) - Tony Cross
“From our own correspondent - St Helena” (BBC Radio 4 broadcast on 27 January 1994) - Mike Thomson
From The Editor's Post Bag:  Ian Mathieson on the Ascension Castaway story in Issue 1; St Helena Citizenship Commission Report - Tony Cross
South Atlantic Triangle, Part 1 (personal account of RMS voyage, November/December 1996) - Tony Cross

Issue 11 - Spring 1995

Editorial - Tony Cross
It all began with Halley's Comet (how work at Royal Observatory led  to an interest in Edmond Halley and, in turn, to joining Friends of St Helena) - Clarice Chapman
Book Reviews:  “St Helena Lifeline” by Ronnie Eriksen; “The First St Helena” by Barbara B. Montgomerie; “South Atlantic Haven” by Ken Denholme - Trevor W. Hearl
What are they doing here? (Regimental  and ecclesiastical records for St Helena found at the Royal Army Museum, Chelsea) - Derek Bell
John Bailey - an obituary - Dorothy Evans, M.B.E
Some surprising St Helena  connections (discovery of Governor Wilks’ memorial tablet at the Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair and further revelations about the Wilks family) - David Holt
Rescuing St Helena 's incunabula (saving some of the first books printed  on St Helena from being sold to an American dealer) - Trevor W. Hearl
Assassination plot (background to the imprisonment of three Bahrain  dissidents at St Helena - H.V. Mapp
St Helenian treasures (record of St Helenian treasures owned by  members of Friends) - Tony Cross
South Atlantic islands seminar (description of meeting between  government representatives, education departments, UK consultants and others at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education) - Dorothy Evans, M.B.E.
Cecil Maggott - custodian of records (commentary on his contribution  following thirty years employment at St Helena’s archives) - Brian Smith
Earwig stamps (the giant earwig and other endemic insects to be featured on a new issue of stamps) - Trevor W. Hearl

Issue 12 - Autumn 1995

Editorial - Tony Cross
A tribute to Gilbert Martineau - Geoffrey Guy, C.M.G., C.V.O., O.B.E.
The facts behind the flax (use of St Helena’s flax in research to make novel textiles - Trevor W. Hearl
The real shape of St Helena (new bathometric data reveals St Helena’s shape beneath the ocean) - David Holt
The restoration of St James tower clock - Owen George
Wilberforce Arnold - St Helena colonial surgeon 1903-1925 (biography) - Stephen Royle and the late Tony Cross
Two members honoured (Allan Crawford and Trevor Hearl awarded Honary Life Membership of the Friends) - Tony Cross
Some memories of 1962 (recollections of visit to St Helena in 1962) - Charles B. Frater
St Helena's early Baptists - Trevor W. Hearl
St Helena's soldiers (collation of a databank of military history and personnel of the island’s troops) - Derek A. Bell

Issue 13 - Summer 1996

Editorial - Tony Cross
Extracts from “A voice from St Helena” 1822 - Barry E. O'Meara
Extracts from “A naturalist’s voyage around the world" - Charles Darwin
Diary of a passenger on the “Seagull” on her maiden voyage from South Africa, 1866 - Anon
Maldivia in the spotlight (details of Maldivia House) - Trevor W. Hearl
An English ship at St Helena, 1617 (details of an early landing by Captain William Keeling) - Brian Smith
Obituary:  A tribute to the late Louisa Georgina Till, matron - Owen A. George
Early pictorial news coverage (a summary of all known early pictorial images of St Helena  in the news media) - Tony Cross and Trevor Hearl
The St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society publish a 20th Anniversary anthology of articles - SHATPS
Censorship St Helena-style (an analysis of government control over the island’s news media) - Trevor W. Hearl
St Helena diary, part 1 (recording a visit in 1961/2, being part of a small group making the film “Island of St Helena”) - Jean Johnston

Issue 14 - Autumn 1996

Editorial - Tony Cross
St Helena diary, part 2 (recording a visit in 1961/2, being part of a small group making the film “Island of St Helena") - Jean Johnston
When penal reform was on trial at St Helena (a history of Victorian penal policy on the island) - Trevor W. Hearl
From the editor's post bag:  From Ian Mathieson (additional images of St Helena in the news media to those listed in Issue 14); from Pam McLintock (description of an earthquake at St Helena in 1817 - Tony Cross
How did Napoleon die?  A review of some new books on the subject (“Assassination at St Helena Revisited” by Ben Weider and Sven Forschufvud; “The Fall of Napoleon” by David Hamilton-Williams; “Jack Juggler and the Emperor’s Whore” by John Arden - Ian Mathieson
Ascension Island's odd man out (forward to a critique by Canon Nicholas Turner of “The Queer Dutchman” published in 1994 by an author using the pen name “C. Adler) - Trevor W. Hearl
St Helena - beacon of hope (description of the sinking of S.S. City of Cairo in 1942) - Fraser Simm
The Napoleon I collection of the late Mr Allan Lazarus (description of 35 lots by Sotheby’s, several relating to St Helena) - Ian Mathieson
St Helena’s watercolours at Christie’s (description of two paintings of St Helena to be sold by auction) - Trevor W. Hearl
Book Review:  “A Guide to the Manuscript Sources for the History of St Helena” by Brian S. Smith - Tony Cross
A sad story (Tesco's canned tuna from St Helena rapidly withdrawn due to cost/supply problems) - Trevor W. Hearl
Magazine Insert: Typescript of newspaper coverage of St Helena during April/May 1997, including reports of “riots”.  These arose from an article in the Financial Times written by Angela Wigglesworth on the 8th March 1997 - Trevor W. Hearl

Issue 15 - Spring 1997

Editorial - Tony Cross
To St Helena - Christmas 1996, part 1 (letter to Charles and Julia Frater describing island visit) - Bob Johnston
Book reviews:  Reprint of Hugh Crallan’s Report, “Listing and Preservation of Buildings of Architectural Interest”;  “St Helena - Preserving the Island’s Historic Buildings” by Alan Cheetham - Trevor W. Hearl
Book Review:  “My Napoleon” by Catherine Brighton - Tony Cross
Alexander The Rat - F. W. Alexander, Chief Censor, Deadwood Camp, St Helena - Stephen Royle
St Helena - an official report from 1927 - HMSO
South Atlantic Triangle, Part 1 (personal account of RMS voyage, November/December 1996) - Tony Cross

Issue 16 - Autumn 1997

Editorial - Tony Cross
Green light for the 2002 appeal! (Friends’ support of the Museum Improvement Project) - Terry Spens
Well Dressing at Wormhill, Derbyshire (ceremony blessing well featuring St Paul’s Cathedral, St Helena) - Geoffrey Guy
Address given by at the well dressing ceremony, 24th August 1997 - Andrew Bell
General election (St Helena) commentary 1997 - Trevor W. Hearl
Results of St Helena general election 1997 - Tony Cross
When St Helena trembles (earthquake activity on the island) - David Holt
Joao Da Nova and the lost carrack (correct rendering of Da Nova’s name and the truth behind the legend that Da Nova lost a carrack on the island) - Alexander Hugo Schulenburg
Book review - “St Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha” by Alan Day - Tony Cross
Sixth visit to St Helena, July 1997 - Dorothy Evans
Getting “romantic St Helena” out of the doldrums (commentary on the House of Commons debate on the 22nd January 1997) - Trevor W. Hearl
Operation Raleigh - the experiences of  two St Helenians (student projects experienced in Zimbabwe) - Dorothy Evans
St Paul's Cathedral, St Helena - an architectural footnote (design and construction of the island’s largest country church) - Trevor W. Hearl
South Atlantic Triangle, Part 2 (personal account of RMS voyage, November/December 1996) - Tony Cross
Book review:  “St Helena, South Atlantic Island” by Helmut and Alexander Schulenburg - Trevor W. Hearl

Issue 17 - Spring 1998

Editorial - Tony Cross
An 18th century account of St Helena (circa 1795), Transcribed by H. F. Driver - Rev. Thomas Bankes
A longer holiday on St Helena (two-month holiday in 1997) - Mure Smith
A special report of a 1997 visit to Diana's Peak national park illustrated from a video made at the time - Charles Frater
Memories of the St Helena coastal battery R.A., 1941-1943 - William Akam
“You’ve got to grind them down” - the Boer prisoner of war camps on St Helena, 1900-1902 - Stephen A. Royle
Items from local newspapers of interest to Friends - “Islanders meet Lifesavers” at Frenchay Hospital Bristol / “Joint charity effort sends minibus to remote St Helena" - Bristol Evening Post/ Truro & District Packet
Obituaries:  Alison Bevan nee Ogborn / The Right Reverend Edmund Capper - Owen George/The Daily Telegraph
Good news from Bridgewater College (Honorary Doctorate awarded to Dorothy Evans) - Tony Cross

Issue 18 - Autumn 1998

Editorial - Tony Cross
Obituary:  A tribute to the late Peter Theodore Joshua - Owen A. George
Radio St Helena (broadcasting on the island since 1967) - Manfred Rippich
A visit to Tristan Da Cunha (describing a visit in 1998) - Ian Mathieson
The Museum Project of the St Helena Heritage Society (update on project) - Terry Spens
To St Helena - Christmas 1996, part 2 (letter to Charles and Julia Frater describing island visit) - Bob Johnston
Cutting the cake (photo, the 10th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of St Helena) -
The Longwood and Briars Museums - Trevor W. Hearl
Shooting straight to limelight (full-bore shooters from St Helena attend the Commonwealth Games) - The Daily Telegraph

Issue 19 - Summer 1999

Editorial - Tony Cross
St Helena and the Great Fire of London (whether early inhabitants were victims of the Great Fire) - Alexander Hugo Schulenburg
Superman or media hype at St Helena? (Newspaper story of a clandestine visit to Longwood in 1818) - Victor Blair
The Annual General Meeting - a tribute to our Chairman (Terry Spons) - Owen A. George
The hand of affection (fund-raising for the Heritage Society to open the Jamestown museum) - Terry Spens
Let the ‘Old Saints’ go marching on!   In search of the St Helena Regiment (1842-63) - David Marr
Sarah Bazett: St Helena’s own ‘My Fair Lady’ (biography of Sarah, Countess of Essex) - David Holt
St Helena's 16th century astronaut - the adventures of Domingo Gonsales, the Speedy Messenger (portrayal of St Helena in fictional account of a voyage to the moon) - Trevor Hearl
A journey of a lifetime (a visit to Tristan Da Cunha in 1999) - Dorothy Evans

Issue 20 - Spring 2000

Editorial - Tony Cross
St Helena: Where have all the beaches gone? (why the island's marine sand/shells is located over 1,500 feet above sea level) - David Holt
Tale of a testimonial (details of the 1859 Kempthorne Testimonial with 195 Saints’ signatures) - Trevor Hearl
Obituary: The Rt. Revd. Michael Houghton, Bishop of Ebbsfleet - Dorothy Evans, M.B.E.
Happy warrior: William Forbes Macbean of the St Helena Regiment (1842-63) - David Marr
Book review “St Helena 500 - A Chronological History of the Island”  by Robin Gill and Percy Teale - Trevor Hearl
Extracts from three letters from Mr Michael Titmarsh to Miss Smith of London (disinterment of Napoleon at St Helena in 1840) - Dorothy Evans

Issue 21 - Summer 2000

The Friends of St Helena - what next? - Mure Smith
End of an era for Wirebird (departure of Tony Cross and appointment of Angela Wigglesworth as editor) - Charles Frater
At last - the real Royal Charter (publication of the first definitive edition of the 1673 Royal Charter) - Canon Nicholas Turner
Curnow news (changes in personnel) - Mark Vincent
Citizenship Commission update (issuing of full UK passports to Saints in 2002) - Canon Nicholas Turner
News:  Tax benefit (St Helena tax allowance increased from £1,200 to £2,000) / Cheaper calls (cost of weekend phone calls halved) - Angela Wigglesworth
Minted for the Millennium (sterling silver tokens issued by Soloman & Co) - Jeremy Cairns-Wicks
The new museum, development of St Helena through the ages (update on fundraising project) - Terry Spens
A day in the life of . . . the St Helena Government UK Representative - Cathy Hopkins
Obituary:  Michael Colvin MP - Cathy Hopkins
It’s never too late (letter to the Prime Minister calling for the efforts of Saints working at Ascension and on the RMS to be properly recognised) - Pamela Ward
Spotlight on the wirebird (investigation by Reading University into decline of wirebird population) - Dr Neil McCulloch
Campaign to save the albatross (launch of the Save The Albatross Campaign) - John Cooper
Boer War Prisoners on St Helena - Basil George
The Tristan relief stamp (overprinting of Tristan Da Cunha stamps to raise money for islanders evacuated because of volcanic eruption) - Robin Palmer
Book reviews: Update of “The Overseas Territories Handbook” by George Drower; “A Union Castle Purserette” by Ann Haynes; “Castaway” by Yvette Christianse; “Penguins, Potatoes and Postage Stamps” by Alan Crawford; “Tristan Da Cunha the Legendary Island” by Anna Lajolo and Guido Lombardi - Ian Mathieson
Book review: “Napoleon in Exile - The Houses and Furniture supplied by the British Government for the Emperor and his Entourage on St Helena” by Martin Levy - Trevor Hearl
RSPB to publish island bird book - Jim Stevenson
Fleeing carnage, Hutu boy stows away to St Helena - Angela Wigglesworth
News from ‘The House’ (update by Speaker of The House) - John Newman
A philatelic conundrum (letters from St Helena carry Cardiff post mark following breakdown of RMS at sea) - Trevor Hearl
The Cairns-Wicks Column (air flights to St Helena a viable alternative to travel by sea) - Julian Cairns-Wicks
Sports Report (shooting, golf and Prince Andrew School’s facilities) - Gavin George
Reading the economic runes - an airport, St Helena’s last opportunity (commentary on the St Helena Government’s “Strategic Review”) - Trevor Hearl

Issue 22 - Summer 2001

Chairman’s letter - Mure Smith
Citizenship by 2002 is the aim of island-loving MP (Bob Russell’s speech at the October Friends meeting) - Anna and John Siraut
This year, next year, sometime? (Commentary on the delay in restoring British citizenship to Saints) - Mure Smith
Saint at the wheel (Rodney Young becomes the first Saint to captain the RMS) - Anna and John Siraut
RMS crew miss Falklands medal by two days (ministerial response to Pamela Ward’s appeal for recognition of Saints role in the Falklands conflict) - David Jones, medal Section, Maritime & Coastguard Section
Obituaries:  Elizabeth Scholtz;  Alan Hoole CMG OBE - Anna Siraut and John Newman
A day in the life of . . . the Governor and Commander-in Chief - David J. Hollamby
How to keep in touch - and to help the Island and its people (The St Helena Association; The Link Committee; The St Helena Diocesan Association; The South Atlantic Working Group; The Island Commission on Citizenship - Anna and John Siraut
‘The Proper Study of Mankind’ - St Helena’s first human development report - Trevor W. Hearl
End in sight to airport saga? - Anna and John Siraut
On the net and firmly in the 21st century - South Atlantic web sites - Anna and John Siraut
Alice in Tristan - a letter to Lord Salisbury - C. L. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
Book Reviews: “St Helena 500: A Chronological History of the Island” by Robil Gill and percy Teale; “The Endemic Flora of St Helena” by Quentin Cronk; “St Helena and Ascension Island: A Natural History”; “His Majesty’s Grant of the Island of St Helena” by Jeff Cant; “Come with me to St Helena” by B. W. Marshall; “A Tourist Guide to the Anglo-Boer War” by Trevor Westby-Nunn - Ian Mathieson
Letter: Resignation as editor of Wirebird due to illness.  Editorship assumed by Anna and John Siraut - Angela Wigglesworth
Museum News - Terry Spens
Birds of St Helena - an update - Beau W. Rowlands
News in brief:  Brewery start-up investigation; substantial shortfall in forecast island revenue - Anna and John Siraut
TV ‘beneficial’ to youngsters (research concludes little change in anti-social behaviour by children after introduction of television on St Helena - Anna and John Siraut

Issue 23 - Autumn 2001

From the Editor - Dr A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman's letter - Mure Smith
Late 19th Century photo of St Helena’s Salvation Army Band -
A fragment  (poem originally published in St Helena Monthly Register, 1810) - ‘A Correspondent’
‘Same old t’ings’ from your own correspondent (diary of May - September 2001 St Helena election period) - Cathy Hopkins
Saints on Ascension Island in the inter-war period - Stephen R. Royle
Early anti-slavery sentiments on St Helena - A.H. Schulenburg
The Africana Museum Catalogue of Prints and Paintings (discussion of over 100 St Helena prints) - Ian Mathieson
Air access for St Helena (public consultation whether St Helena should go ahead with Air Access Project planned to be held in 2002) - Office of the Governor, press release
A St Helena “Court Journal” (extract from Joseph Lockwood’s 1851 Guide to St Helena) - Joseph Lockwood
George Gabriel Powell: The First Speaker of South Carolina (story of a respected American politician who was exiled from St Helena for misappropriation of funds) - Yvonne Stadler
Book Review: “Napoleon Bonaparte, England’s Prisoner:  The Emperor in Exile 1816-21” by Frank Giles - A. H. Schulenburg

Issue 24 - Spring 2002

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Mure Smith
In memoriam: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, 1900-2002 -
The Museum prize raffle visit to St Helena (visit in November 2000) - Beau W. Rowlands
The discovery of St Helena: the search continues (investigation of which Portuguese discovered St Helena and when, based on documentary and cartographic evidence) - A. H. Schulenburg
Obituary: Anthony Nelson, publisher, 1932-2002 - Trevor W. Hearl
The St Helena match girl:  a 19th century mystery (identity of St Helena-born sent to England for her education but sent onto the streets as a match girl by her guardians)  - From Bells’ Weekly Messenger, 1831
The St Helena National Trust (Projects: described - saving endemic species; St Helena museum; restoration of a flax mill; a school project -
Saint Helena (a poem published in 1944) - Edwin H. Collard
Book Reviews:  “St Helena - The Chinese Connection: The History of the Chinese Indentured Labourers On St. Helena 1810-1836 and beyond” by Barbara George; “St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha - The Bradt Travel Guide” by Sue Steiner - A. H. Schulenburg


From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Mure Smith
A new home for the Museum: the Old Power House (record of work since March 2000) - Gay Denbow
On parade: the making of a soldier for the Museum (construction of life-sized model soldier dressed in St Helena Regiment uniform, 1842-63) - David Marr
The Museum opens (on the 21st May 2002) - Mure Smith
Education, young people and the Museum (description from an educational perspective) - Dorothy Evans
Creating the 'Nuseum' (new nickname given to new museum) - Sarah Holland
Museums are forever . . . (background to the planning of the museum and its displays) - Colin Dawes
Comments from the Visitor& Book (567 comments left on day of opening and 586 over next 9 weeks) -
Court Circular:  The Princess Royal at St Helena (diary of Princess Anne’s visit, November 2002) - Trevor W. Hearl
In search of the St Helena Magazine - Part 1 (description of the St Helena (Diocesan) Magazine and its importance in documenting the island over the first half of the 20th century) - Trevor W. Hearl

Issue 26 - Spring 2003

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Mure Smith
In search of the St Helena Magazine - Part 2 (description of the St Helena (Diocesan) Magazine and its importance in documenting the island over the first half of the 20th century - Trevor W. Hearl
I was a Foreign Office Consultant: Big fish on a small island or catching wahoo off Ascension (description of one-month visit) - Stephen A. Royle
The St James' Restoration Action Group (extract from leaflet published by Action Group) -
Promoting Biodiversity Conservation in the UK's Overseas Territories - Frances Marks
Aspects of the Lives of the ‘Liberated Africans’ on St Helena (religious conversion/physical recovery of slaves/recruitment as troops/employment and settlement/disturbance of Ruperts Bay graves) - A.H. Schulenburg
Promoting Biodiversity Conservation in the UK's Overseas Territories - Frances Marks
Aspects of the Lives of the ‘Liberated Africans’ on St Helena (religious conversion/physical recovery of slaves/recruitment as troops/employment and settlement/disturbance of Ruperts Bay graves) - A.H. Schulenburg
Correspondence (description of St Helena Regiment’s uniform) - Derek Bell

Issue 27 - Autumn 2003

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Mure Smith
News in Brief - Appointment of new governor (of Michael Clancy)/St Helena Link (Management of Education Support Programme taken on by Centre for International Development and Training, Wolverhampton - A. H. Schulenburg
Obituary:  Quentin Keynes, 1921-2003 - Ian Mathieson
Recent Books of Interest (“Scanty Particulars”:  The life of Dr James Barry” by Rachel Holmes / “Outpost:  Journeys to the surviving relics of the British empire” by Simon Winchester / “The Pirate Hunter:  The true story of Captain Kidd” by Richard Zacks - A. H. Schulenburg
British Parliamentarians visit St Helena - Roger Jones
Some ‘Anglo-Indian’ and other Memorials at St Helena (a description of headstones at St James Church Garden, Knollcombes, Jamestown Baptist church, St Matthews, St James, St Paul’s and lack of a memorial at Ruperts Bay - Trevor W. Hearl
The Parliamentarian and the Civil Servant: Two Views of St Helena in the 1950s (contrasting portrayals of St Helena in reports by Cledwyn Hughes MP and by Aaron Emanuel from the Colonial Office) - A.H. Schulenburg
A Comedy of Errors or The Pitfalls of Genealogy (disproving family tradition that ancestor served as a soldier guarding Napoleon) - Roy A. Rickard
Book Reviews:  “The Monsters of St Helena” by Brooks Hansen / “Turtle Island:  A journey to Britain’s Oldest Colony” by Sergio Ghione - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 28 - Spring 2004

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Mure Smith
Lines Written on the Island of St Helena (poem originally published in 1810) - ‘A person late of this Island’
Ships at St Helena, 1502-1613 (an analysis of the earliest Portuguese ships and captains) - Beau W. Rowlands
Air Access Updates (rejection of four outline proposals to develop air access to St Helena and background briefing by Sharon Wainright, Air Access Project Coordinator - St Helena Government/ DfID
Community, Dependency, Migration: Historical Observations on Contemporary St Helena Problems (analysis of dependency by Crown Commissioners in 1834/5 before coming under Crown control /post Crown control emigration patterns/ suggestions for mass emigration from island in 1715 and 1936 - Dr A. H. Schulenburg
Recent Books of Interest (“Tristan da Cunha: History, People, Language” by Daniel Schreier and Karen Lavarello-Schreier/ “Isolation and Language Sociohistorical Evidence from Tristan” by Daniel Schreier/ “Quincentenary: A Story of St Helena, 1502-2002”/ “Journal of Historical Geography”, Vol.29 - A.H. Schulenburg
Obituary: Miss Clarice Chapman, 1926-2004 - Trevor W. Hearl
Australia via St Helena, 1911 (letter from a passenger of the SS Papanui destroyed by fire off Jamestown) - Peter Ellis
Book review: Neil McCulloch, “A Guide to the Birds of St Helena and Ascension Island” - Trevor W. Hearl
Book review: Ben Fogle, “The Teatime Islands: Journeys to Britain’s Faraway Outposts” - A.H. Schulenburg
Review essay: The St Helena Monograph Project (comments about and criticism of a planned series of monographs by Robin Taylor about St Helena) - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 29 - Autumn 2004

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Guy Marriott
Members New and Old - Roger Leighton
Reflections on a Visit to St Helena (edited draft of address given at the 2004 AGM) - Owen George
‘Derby Days’ at Deadwood: Highlights of Horse-racing at St Helena - Part 1 (horse-racing during the Napoleonic and an earlier period) - Trevor W. Hearl
Memories of St Helena - Part I - Sergio Ghione
Curnow Shipping Fraud Case (accusations that former executives of Curnow Shipping conspired to defraud St Helena Line Ltd collapse in court case) -
Book review:  “St Helena: One Man's Island” by Ian Baker - Dorothy Evans
Errata to Wirebird No 28, “Ships at St Helena, 1502-1613” - Beau W. Rowlands

Issue 30 - Spring 2005

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Guy Marriott
Correspondence (comment on ownership of RMS St Helena) - J. Hale
How far is St Helena from the Gates of Trafalgar? (Midshipman Horatio Nelson’s visit to St Helena in 1776) - Robin Gill
‘Derby Days’ at Deadwood: Highlights of Horse-racing at St Helena - Part 2 (horse-racing during the Napoleonic and a later period) - Trevor W. Hearl
Endemic Invertebrates, the Airport and the St Helena Environment Charter (description of past studies of endemic invertebrates, their disappearance and impact of new airport) - Myrtle Ashmole
Memories of St Helena - Part 2 - Sergio Ghione
The Return of the Martin Guerre of St Helena, from the Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1825 (case in which fraudster who robbed woman after convincing her he was her son from St Helena) -
Book reviews: “Quincentenary: A Story of St Helena, 1502-2002 “ by David Smallman; “The Proud and the Passionate” by Robert MacMillan Robertson - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 31 - Autumn 2005

From the Editor - A.H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Guy Marriott
A Week of Highs and Lows: Cycling Round St Helena - Part 1 - Simon Levell
New Members (impressions of St Helena by Graham & Sylvia Evans) - Roger Leighton
The Tristan da Cunha Discovery Fleet, 1506, and a Suggested Exact Date of Discovery - Beau W. Rowlands
Letter From St Helena (working from the top floor of the Post Office) - John Turner
The St Helena Independent (launch of newspaper in November 2005) - A.H. Schulenburg
Confusion at Westminster or ‘Broad Bottom Airport’ and the ‘Firebird’ (Parliamentary confusion about the identity of St Helena’s endemic bird and the location of the proposed airport) - A.H. Schulenburg
DVD Review: “RMS St Helena: A South Atlantic Voyage” by Gisela Kraus & Günther Benze - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 32 - Spring 2006

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Chairman’s letter - Guy Marriott
Diocese of St Helena Day (special Festival Day to be held at St Woolos Cathedral, Newport) -
Discovery of the Endemic Invertebrates of St Helena and ‘The Belgians’ (description of past surveys and alleged extinction of species through over-collection of samples) - Myrtle & Philip Ashmole
Ecological Restoration on St Helena: Diana's Peak National Park and the Millennium Forest (progress achieved over last 15 years in protecting endemic plant and insect population - Myrtle & Philip Ashmole
‘To Be Sold & Let - Slaves’:  Reclaiming an Icon of St Helena’s Shameful Past (widely featured public notice shown to be 1829 slave sale at Jamestown under the trees in front of The Cannister) - A.H. Schulenburg
A Week of Highs and Lows: Cycling Round St Helena - Part 2 - Simon Levell
Book Review:  “St Helena: The Forgotten Island” by Quentin Keynes Bob Russell MP - A.H. Schulenburg
Correspondence (reaction to comments made about Parliamentary errors about St Helena in Issue 31) -

Issue 33 - Autumn 2006

From the Editor  - A. H. Schulenburg
Pictures from Italy: ‘The Death of Napoleon’ (description of play seen in Genoa in 1844-5)    - Charles Dickens
A Brief History of Cinema on St Helena (covers the period between early 1900s to 1980s) - A.H. Schulenburg
Second World War Defences on St Helena (includes description of the armaments removed from the island and those still remaining) - Bill Clements
Fernão Lopes - a South Atlantic ‘Robinson Crusoe’     - Beau W. Rowlands
The St Helena Tea-Gardens, London (description of tavern/tea-garden near Royal Dock Yard in Southwark on Corbets/Cobbets Lane, today known as St Helena Road. - A.H. Schulenburg
The BOU checklist The Birds of St Helena - an update on birds, and relevant ships’ movements, 1942 and 1944 (new St Helena birds listed by British Ornithologist’s Union; tracing WWII ship movements from records held by Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury)   - Beau W. Rowlands
Book Review: “RMS St Helena and the South Atlantic Islands” by Robert A. Wilson - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 34 - Spring 2007

From the Editor  - A.H. Schulenburg
Obituary:  Trevor Hearl: Teacher, Historian, and Pianist - Michael D. Mueller
Obituary:  For Trevor Hearl - Dan Yon
Correspondence (tribute to Trevor Hearl) - Lord Beaumont of Whitley
Obituary:  A Tribute for Trevor Hearl - Dorothy Evans
Obituary:  Trevor Hearl - A Tribute - Basil George
Obituary:  Trevor Hearl - Colin Fox
Obituary:  Tony Cross and Trevor Hearl - A Tribute - Angela Wigglesworth
Obituary:  Trevor Hearl - Lawson Henry
How Secure Was St Helena in 1815? (commentary of James Johnson’s description of St Helena as a secure place to hold Napoleon)   - Trevor W. Hearl
John Charles Melliss, 1835-1910 - Trevor W. Hearl
St Helena - An Economic Snapshot (past attempts by UK administrators to achieve viable economy for the island) - Trevor W. Hearl
The Birth of St Helena's Own Shipping Service (description of events leading to Curnow Shipping winning contract to operate St Helena’s shipping link) - Andrew Bell

Issue 35 - Autumn 2007  

From the Editor  - A. H. Schulenburg
The St Helena Wirebird: The Island’s Only Endemic Bird is Now a Critically Endangered Species - Vince Thompson
A ‘Wicked’ Design: The St Helena Slave Rebellion of 1695 - Stephen R. Royle
Potato Patch Pedal Power: Exploring Tristan da Cunha by Bicycle - Simon Levell
St Helena Parallels with El Hierro in the Canary Islands (economic differences between the two islands) - Ian Mathieson
Napoleon on HMS Bellerophon and HMS Northumberland: A Letter - Eunice Shanahan
CD Review: St Helena -1962 by Charles Frater - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 36 - Spring 2008

From the Editor  - A. H. Schulenburg
The Loss of the SS Papanui, 1911:  A Letter (from a passenger en-route to Australia) - Bill Beattie
St Helena's Millennium Forest: A Symbol of the Fight to Defend Fragile Eco-Systems (reforestation of part of the Great Wood area) - Vince Thompson
Robert Bruce:  Memories of the Early Island Civil Service (article published in American newspaper in 1930s) - Ian Bruce
Australia's First Fleet: A St Helena Sequel (description of St Helena in 1792 by Lieut. Bradley on HMS Sirius on homeward voyage after shipping first batch of convicts to Australia) - Trevor W. Hearl
Book Reviews:  “The Bennett Letters:  A 19th Century Family in St Helena, England and Cape Town” by Colin Fox; “Fernão Lopes ‑ A South Atlantic Robinson Crusoe” by Beau W. Rowlands, - A.H. Schulenburg


From the Editor  - A. H. Schulenburg
Biography:  Thomas R. Bruce - The Life of a Saint (1862-1956) - Ian Bruce
Biography:  William Thomas of Coity, Wales, and St Helena (1797-1829) - Neil Walklate
Biography:  Capt. Matthew Bazett (d.1719) - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 38 - 2009

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
World affairs and their effect on St Helena shipping (description of shipping calling at or passing St Helena, mainly in the 1960s - Richard Grainger
The Caesars of St Helena (earliest ancestors, ethnicity, emancipation and later generations) - John Gardiner
Writing about St Helena: Purposes, motives and preparations - A.H. Schulenburg
Mutiny of the Frank N. Thayer, 1886 (report written on mutiny by American Consul, James A. MacKnight - Richard Grainger
Book Review: “The Company's Island: St Helena, Company Colonies and the Colonial Endeavour” by Stephen Royle - A.H. Schulenburg

Issue 39 - 2010

From the Editor - A. H. Schulenburg
Preface (comments on the background to Robert Johnston's article) - Charles Frater
Historic Saint Helena:  Island Near the Sun (description of a visit to the island in January 1962) - Robert H. Johnston

Issue 40 - 2011

From the Editor - Colin Fox
Chasing the Slavers:  The establishment of the Vice Admiralty Court of St Helena and its early cases - Stephane Van de Velde
The Emperor's Grave:  A sketch of St Helena,1839 (in addition to section about the tomb, also includes a description of visit including disembarkation, buildings, botanical gardens, Saul Solomon and Longwood) - Mrs Postans
The Latter Days of Slavery:  Where did all the women go? (under-representation of female slaves in the statistics) - Colin Fox
St Helena Diaspora:  Writing and visualising the St Helena Diaspora:  One Hundred Men and Sathima's Windsong  - Dan Yon
The Belle Poule and the Exhumation of Napoleon - John Tyrrell
Tailpiece (request for articles and guidelines to be followed) - Colin Fox

Issue 41 - 2012

From the Editor - Colin Fox
The Trevor Hearl Collection at Rhodes House Library, Oxford (Description of books, some extremely rare, donated with research papers to the Bodleian Library) - John Pinfold
The 36th Governor Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Elliott (Description of overall career) - Jon Bursey
Philip Scipio's Grave (Gravestone in Devon of a slave brought from St Helena to England where he died aged 18-20 in 1734) - London Cornish Association Newsletter, 2007
The Napoleonic Stamps of St Helena - Austin Meares
A History of St Helena's Public Seal - Edward Baldwin
Governor William Grey-Wilson, Letters to his mother (Letters donated by Bernard Mabbett written in 1887 when working as Acting Governor, describing the island at that time and describing his duties) - Colin Fox (Transcription)
Report of Surf in James' Bay from 5th to 8th March 1821 (A report of the loss of life and damage inflicted on the island resulting from 'rollers') - Anon - Extract from 1827 meeting St Helena Agriculture & Horticultural Society
Rex v Robert Wright (Transcript of a court case brought against Captain Robert Wright in 1818 for ill-treating and beating his slave Lucy) - Extracted from St Helena Session Book, 1818
Tailpiece (Removal of list of Honorary members from Inside cover; publication of St Helena Britannica: Studies in South Atlantic Island History scheduled for publication in 2013; other Society research projects; book reviews will continue to feature in St Helena Connection; recommended reading; appeal for articles to go into Wirebird) - Colin Fox

Issue 42 - 2013

   From the Editor - Colin Fox

  Our Melliss Family - A St Helena Connection (The Life of John Melliss who was an Assistant Surgeon in the HEIC, posted to St Helena) - Dennis Bush-King

  The Soldier and the Harbour Master (The Story of father & son, both named George Randal Bruce, soldier & Harbour Master) - Ian Bruce

  Some Observations on the St Helena Man and Horse Signal Station - Chris and Sheila Hillman

  Rex v Robert Wright (Part 2 of Transcript of a court case brought against Captain Robert Wright in 1818 for ill-treating and beating his slave Lucy) - Extracted from St Helena Session Book, 1818 - Colin Fox

  Excerpt from the St Helena Gazette 18 September 1806 - recommendations from a surgeon/dentist, plus amusing anecdote - Colin Fox

  Doctor Verling (A Surgeon during Napoleon's imprisonment on St Helena) - Richard Grainger

  Book Review - St Helena Britannica (Review of book by Trevor W. Hearl and edited by A.H. Schulenburg) - John Pinfold

  Tailpiece (Outline of a future publication by Friends of St Helena, to be called "A Precarious Livelihood") - Colin Fox
- Colin Fox

Issue 43 - 2014

Friends of St Helena - Committee Details & Honorary Members

From the Editor - Colin Fox

William A. Thorpe, 1842-1918 - Iain Bruce & Nick Thorpe.   An in-depth biography of a "Saint" whose mark on this island is still evident to this day.

The Historic Japanese Visitors to St Helena - Takeshi Sugimoto.   A literary survey of young Japanese voyageurs to St Helena, dating from 1582.

The Legend of the "Slaves" of Maldivia - John Tyrrell.   Were they slaves? - the creators of the gardens at the end of Maldivia Road?

Memories of St Helena - "Lichen".   '"This barren rock." "This desolate isle". .... but my memory of it between sixty and seventy years ago is that of extreme beauty."

Mutiny on the Worcester - Colin Fox.   Witnessed by Saul Solomon, whose "embellishment would not have done his reputation a deal of good."

Saul Solomon and the Margate Murder - Colin Fox.   Saul Solomon falsified evidence (again!) but progressed to be a successful "Merchant King of St Helena".

Tailpiece -  i) a plea for "an original (!) Napoleonic piece";   ii) The poem "The Searchlight" (Joubert Reitz);  iii) Publication of "A Precarious Livelihood";  iv) thanks to John Pinfold for proof-reading this edition of Wirebird.


- Colin Fox

ISSUE 44 - 2015

Friends of St Helena - Committee details.

Front Page - Saint James' church, Jamestown

From the Editor - Colin Fox

A Place of Confinement - Susan O'Bey.  Prisoners on St Helena (non-Napoleon).

St Helena Day - Ian Bruce.  "makes the contentious proposition that St Helena was possibly not discovered on 21st May 1502 .... "

The Voyage of the East India Ship William Pitt to St Helena in 1819.  The author was Henry Wise, late Chief Officer of the H.C. Company ship Edinburgh (inc. a table of a journey towards England from St Helena).

A St Helena Serjeant- Margaret Dyson.  James Renton - a Serjeant in the St Helena Artillery.

An Island of Historical Attraction - A Young American Sailor's Visit to the Island of St Helena - David A. Ranzan.  A view point from an American seaman as one of the crew of the USS Mississippi in 1852.

1816: A Letter from a Lady - letters written to The Timesfrom Plantation House.

St Stamford Raffles' Interview with Napoleon - transcribed and edited by Colin Fox.  A transcript of a letter published in the Daily Mail in 1904.

Tailpiece - a plea for contributions for the next Wirebird, to be with the Editor by the end of July 2016.

- Colin Fox

ISSUE 45 - 2016

Friends of St Helena - Committee Details & Honorary Members


From the Editor - Colin Fox

A Timely Tribute - John Humphries.   " .... celebration for a highly-regarded and much-loved ship that serves special communities. "

The First Dozen Years- Ian Bruce.   " .... were amongst the most difficult of St Helena's history .... ".

John Hillman & Family on St Helena: soldiers, slaves, settlers and sailors - Dr JesseC. and Sheila M. Hillman.   A study and descendant list of the Hillman family.

Encounters with the Slavers: Excerpts from the diary of Hamilton Laird 1849 - by kind permission of Robert Leather; Edited by Colin Fox.   An in-depth diary of encounters.

Napoleon Bonaparte: POW or how Napoleon nearly avoided exile to St Hlena - Colin Fox.   Napoleon's powerful British friends' attempts to stop his exile to St Helena.   

A Small Step: Honouring St Helena's Liberated Africans - Heidi Bauer Clapp.   Her visit to St Helena whilst doing research for her PhD.

Endpage  publishing and Copyright details.

- Colin Fox

ISSUE 46 - 2017

Front Cover – Dr Ian Shine

 Inside Front Cover – Committee details + Honorary Members

 From the Editor – Colin Fox

 A Doctor for the People: Dr Ian Shine – by Maryanne J O’Donnell, Ph.D.; with excerpts from Upon This Rock by Ian Shine, MD.  He cared for the people of the Island in a way that, to this day, still deeply moves those who remember him’.

 Alfred Mosely – by Ian Bruce.  A little-known benefactor and philanthropist.

 A Saint Helena Seedling:  the early history of the Salvation Army on the Island – by John Pinfold.   From seedlings sown by the crew of the Opal.

 Alexander Frederick Charles Contest: St Helena freed slave in Australia – by Shirley Morgan, his great grand-daughter, assisted by Jesse C. Hillman.   A slave brought to St Helena on HMS Contest.

 Extract from Around the Atlantic by Robert Stephen.   A Naval Telegraphist’s three year duty on St Helena.

 True or False – by Sparks (Robert Stephen.  An ode to St Helena.

 New Publication:  A Bitter Draught – St Helena and the abolition of Slavery by Colin Fox.   A sad story of hardship, tragedy and, for some, hard-fought freedom.

 Inside Back Cover – Request for articles for Wirebird;  acknowledgements;  copyright statement and the editor’s contact details.

 Back Cover:  Contents.

- Colin Fox