St Helena Connection

Issue 24, June 2018

Report on the AGM held at Oxford
Talk about Ascension and research into the behavior of sharks by Polly Burns
Ascension Island History by John Woolven-Allen
Sale and New Career of RMS St Helena by Edward Baldwin
St Helena Airport Shrugs off “World’s Most Useless” Tag by Andreas Spaeth and Flight News Update by Edward Baldwin
Number Resident on St Helena approach 5,000 (Stats Dept.)
A New Approach View of St Helena by Laurence Carter
Astronomer Jets in to Launch Star Gazing Event – SH Tourism
Country Shops of St Helena (parts 3 and 4) by Sharon Henry
Owen George: A Tribute
Another Luny painting on the Market
A Visit to St Helena by Laurence Carter
PASH Global to Provide Solar Energy for St Helena by SHG
Plastic Reaches St Helena Beaches by Leigh Morris of BLUE
A View from the Castle, David Smallman – Review by I. Mathieson
St Helena’s Diverse Islands Environment Conference – Abstract of Papers
St Helena’s Whale Sharks by St Helena Tourism
St Helena, Ascension and Tristan on BBC’s Mastermind
This will be downloadable when Issue 25 has been published

Issue 23, November 2017

Report on the autumn meeting and book launch
Review of A Bitter Draught
Waterwitch: A Warship and its Voyages by Andrew Pearson
SA 8131 – The St Helena Flight Experience by E. Baldwin
Easter Island: A Model for St Helena’s Tourism? I. Mathieson
Country Shops of St Helena (part 2) by Sharon Henry
St Helena Sea Life by Richard Hewitt
The Mantis St Helena Hotel Opens by Edward Baldwin
Napoleon’s Representative on Earth: M Martineau’s new book by John Tyrrell
Book Page by Ian Mathieson
St Helena’s Genealogical Database by Chris & Sheila Hillman
Fibre-Optic Cable is the Way to Go by Christian von der Ropp
St Helena’s Endemic Species by St Helena Tourism

Issue 22 - Summer 2017

Report on the AGM and St Helena Cultural Centre
Measuring the Tide at St. Helena during the Past Two and a Half Centuries by P. Woodhead
Obituaries: Mure Smith, Dorothy Evans, Cathy Hopkins, Rodney Young.
St Helena’s Transport Crisis by Edward Baldwin.
Update on the Mantis Hotel by Edward Baldwin.
Country Shops of St Helena by Sharon Henry.
Country Shops / A New Master for the RMS
Sailing Ships at St Helena by Edward Baldwin.
Ladder Hill: An Ambitious Sewerage Scheme by Edward Baldwin
“Gunman” Strikes Again: The Airport Guns by Museum of St Helena
Charles Frater
New Books
St Helena National Trust Update
Luny Painting Unveiled at Museum of St Helena by Museum of St Helena
St Helena’s Prisoners by Barbara George

Issue 21 - Autumn 2016

Matthew Woodthorpe, St Helena Cultural Centre
Andrew Bell, A New ship for St Helena: the Gestation of the RMS St Helena
Edward Baldwin, A Visit to the Airport
The Launch of the RMS by T Hearl, Luny painting, book
Review RMS St Helena by John Bryant
An English frigate at anchor off the island of St Helena by Thomas Luny.
New Exhibit at St Helena Museum
A New Hotel in Jamestown by Edward Baldwin
Historic Departure of the RMS from Tilbury, 14.6.2016 by Edward Baldwin
Visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh 22 January 1957
A Childhood in Two Boats Village by John Woolven-Allan
Death of tortoise Myrtle. Wirebirds recover numbers
St Helena’s New Marine Protected Area / Restoring Bertrand’s Cottage.

Issue 20 - Summer 2016

RMS in London
St Helena Cultural Centre – Progress
Paris Exhibition: Napoleon a Sainte-Helene
Friends Thames Cruise to Wish Farewell to the RMS
Governor Mark Capes: Final Report
New Governor Lisa Phillips
Flights and Ships: Airport Update
Wass Report on Child Safeguarding Issues
Climate Change. St Helena Cranefly
First Settlement of Ascension by John Woolven-Allen
Book reviews and Announcements
Jonathan’s New Diet / Ascension Marine Reserve
St Helena’s Population and Revenue Statistics
Insider’s Guide to St Helena: Basil George

Issue 19 - Autumn 2015

FoSH at Reading Sports / Autumn Meeting
Napoleon & the British Opposition during the Captivity: by John Tyrrell
An interview with Louise Hoole
Atlantic Star Airlines and other air service news
St Helenians in the Northern Cape by Dan Yon (talk presented at Reading Sports)
St Helena’s first flight
Building Ascension’s First Water Pipeline by John Woolven-Allen
Ascension’s 200th birthday (from the Spectator)
Refurbished Longwood / Blue Lantern Hotel, Jamestown
Book Reviews
St Helena Cultural Centre by Edward Baldwin
St Helena 50 Years Ago / New Marine Species
Napoleon at Plymouth
Evening at Jamestown

Issue 18 - Summer 2015

AGM Oxford. St Helena Cultural Centre Report
St Helena Cultural Centre Layouts
The British Government and Napoleon: From Elba to St Helena
Film: The Making of Napoleon
Napoleon Who? (Isle d’Aix)
Key Points of the 27 March Airport Announcement
Airport Progress and RMS Decommissioning Plans
Photographs from the World
The Restoration of St Helena’s Big Guns
Crazy Cruise Ship Month
Museum News
SS Cairo Treasure Recovered
St Helena Statistics and airport photos
Book Page
HMS Dorsetshire and St Helena
Mapping a Changing Island
Return to St Helena after 40 Years
Tea Plants Re-Discovered
From Elba to Longwood: a Timeline of 1815

Issue 17 - Autumn 2014

Autumn Meeting
A Major New Project – the PWD Store by Edward Baldwin
FoSH chairmen, SS Cairo
New Jamestown hotel. RMS 25th anniversary
Airport News
B Mabbett St Helena Boer War Postal History
Longwood General’s Quarters; Almost Finished
Goodbye to the Giant Earwig
Planting activities on airport site. Solar farm for St Helena
Auctions and Books
Art and Crafts Advertisement
St Helena 50 Years Ago
Clifford Masters – Alexander Lee Innes: Photographer and Publisher of St Helena Postcards
Christmas Quiz

Issue 16 - Spring/Summer 2014

AGM at Liverpool
Visitor Responses to “Liberty Bound: Slavery and St Helena”
St Helena and the Suppression of the Atlantic Slave Trade
Airport Progress – Nigel Kirby’s Update
The Airport Layout
“Save Napoleon’s House on St Helena”: An Update
Book Page
Book Page and the Congleton Willow
RFA Darkdale Survey: Extracts from the Marine Salvage Report
Pharmacies, Signs and Postcards – Cliff Masters.
St Helena at the Commonwealth Games

Issue 15 - Autumn 2013

Autumn Meeting
Society Matters (2014 AGM)
Airport Project Celebrates 2nd Anniversary
Airport photos
Eco Housing Plans Set to Transform Island
PBP blasting
St Helena’s National Conservation Areas
St Helena’s Historic Houses
Picture Quiz
PBP Environment Concerns/Ebony Returns
Longwood House: Towards the Bicentenary
Lost and Found on St Helena
Election Style St Helena
St Helena 50 Years Ago
St Helena at Auction
Book Page
Christmas Quiz