St Helena Connection

Issue 1 - Autumn 2006

Latest news on the Airport - The Editor
Welcome to the first edition - The Editor
The Friends of St Helena (the committee, events, benefits of membership, forthcoming events, news) - The Editor
Island News Digest - Vince Thompson
Andrew Weir Shipping at the World Travel Market - Andrew Weir Shipping
St Helena Island Society, Cape Town - Marilyn Crawford
Ascension News - Vicky Wotton
Saints on the Falklands (Airport Consultation & Saint’s construction business) - Susan Knipe
News of Saints in the USA - Charmaine House
St Helena Association (officers, announcements, news- Reading Sports 2006, death announcements, donations made by Association, events in 2007) - St Helena Association
The 100 Men (talk and film by Dan Yon to members on the 21st October 2006) - Gail Thorpe
St Helena Postcards (comprehensive catalogue being created) - The Editor
An historical map of St Helena (illustrated map of island has been produced) - The Editor
St Helena Connections (a list of St Helena-related societies and organisations with their interests, benefits, fees and website addresses) - The Editor
News from the Tristan da Cunha Association - The Editor
Book News (Vulcan 607 by Rowland White; RMS St Helena and the South Atlantic Islands by Robert A. Wilson; The Bennett Papers by Colin Fox; A Dutch Castaway on Ascension Island by Alex Ritsema; Memoirs: North, South, East and West by Allan Crawford) - The Editor
St Helena National Trust (protecting buildings, Witte Leeuw Salvage, the Flax Mill museum project, Overseas Territories Environment Programme and the wirebird project, participation of the Conservation Forum Conference at Jersey) - Cathy Hopkins
Jamestown Museum (four exhibitions - A dot in the ocean; Vision of the Peaks; Art Show "Euphoria"; Preserving St Helena's Built Environment) - Lucy Caesar
Return to St Helena (return to island after four years life in England) - Darrin Henry

Issue 2 - Spring 2007

Departure of Two Close Friends of St Helena (death of Trevor Hearl and Tony Cross) - The Editor
Friends of St Helena Elect First Saint Chairman (election of Pamela Ward) - The Editor
The Passing of a Generation and a New Beginning (death of several other members including Geoffrey Guy, Joyce Thorpe and Allan Crawford) - The Editor
The Friends of St Helena (the committee, events, forthcoming events, new members and membership) - The Editor
Island News - Vince Thompson
St Helena’s Commercial Representative in South Africa (profile of Adam Kossowski) - The Editor
Longwood Relics in Bournemouth (auction of a wine cooler and an octagonal table at the Russell Cotes Museum) - Peter Lea
Scotland Calling! (suggestion that Saints or people interested in St Helena living in northern Britain meet up) - Lynas Murdoch
Ascension News (right of abode, land ownership and fiscal development blocked for the people of Ascension; 59,000 female turtle nesting on beaches; news of people) - Vicky Wotton
Running St Helena What it Costs (Proposed aid package for 2007/08-2009/10) - The Editor
Saints on the Falklands (births, wedding, uniformed Saints at the Queen's birthday parade) - Susan Knipe
Saints in the USA - Charmaine House
MBE for Rebecca Cairns-Wicks - The Editor
Ethel Benjamin – A Life At Sea (working on the RMS and the replacement ship Centaur during the Falklands War) - Darrin Henry
St Helena Connections (a list of St Helena-related societies and organisations with their interests, benefits, fees and website addresses) - The Editor
Geoffrey Guy 1921-2006 (an obituary) - Gail Thorpe.
Book News (Fernão Lopes - a South Atlantic ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Beau Rowlands; A Dutchman on Tristan da Cunha: The Quest for Peter Green by Sandra Kornet van Duyvenboden; Allan Crawford’s Memoirs - North South East & West by George Mann; Commemorative Publication to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Tristan da Cunha by Richard Grundy) - The Editor
Jamestown Flax Museum (expansion of small Museum display to the nearby Pipe Building in Back Way) - Edward Baldwin
Photograph of Legco Meeting (chaired by Governor Guy in the late 1970s) - The Author
100th Voyage of the RMS (SHG celebration of the 100th voyage of the RMS with several presentations and the award of Certificates of Honour for services on the old RMS during the Falkland war) - The Editor

Issue 3 - Autumn 2007

Governors Old and New in the News (appointment of Andrew Gurr as Governor; auction of Governor John Skottowe's portrait at Christies) - The Editor
Friends Membership News (new members; deaths; membership) - The Editor
Island Holidays Offers Fully Organised Holidays to St Helena (St Helena offered as a holiday destination; impressions of RMS and St Helena) - Libby Weir-Breen
Island News - Vince Thompson
The Saint Helena National Trust – Five Years On
- Vince Thompson
St Helena to Feature in UK Musical (plans to feature 'The Person Residing at Longwood' by Stephen M. Hunt) - The Editor
Plantation House to Become an Hotel? (extract of a 1937 letter from Philip Gosse to the Colonial Office suggesting Plantation House was to large for Governors and should be converted into a hotel) - The Editor
St Helena’s Built Heritage Project (conservation of island's older buildings and control of new developments) - Ben Jeffs
Saints on the Falklands (25th anniversary of the Liberation of the Falkland Islands; tourism; people) - Susan Knipe
Princess Royal Attends St Helena Diocesan Association - Diana Houghton
The St Helena Association and Reading Sports - St Helena Association
American Saint Visits the Island for the First Time (visit by Kyle Tingler) - Charmaine House
Father Dale Bowers Interviewed by Darrin Henry - Darrin Henry
RMS News - Alistair McLean
St Helena’s Island Games Team Visits Rhodes - Jeremy Roberts
Photograph - Singers at the at the Secondary Selective School - Bryan Heseltine
Book News (St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha by Sue Steiner with updated text; For The Love of The Music: Capturing the Enthusiasm and Passion of the Saints by Emma-Jane Yon; Mary the Masked Booby by Tara Palemebe; A Little Piece of England by Andrew Gurr) - The Editor
Progress at the Museum and Visitor Centre (Visitor centre to be established next to the museum; new exhibits) - Edward Baldwin
Estella Lawrence Weds Iain Denholm on 18th August 2007 in Scotland - Estella Lawrence-Denholm
Friends Autumn Meeting (presentation by Governor Gurr and talk by Tara Palemebe on South Atlantic conservation issues) - The Editor

Issue 4 - Summer 2008

Friends’ AGM at Elveden Hall (25th AGM on the 17th May 2008; description of Elveden Hall; talk by Steve Royle on the early years of St Helena following its annexation by the East India Company in 1659) - The Author
From the Editor (reflections on the changes at St helena over the past two decades and comments on the future) - Ian Mathieson
Jamestown Cliff Stabilisation Project - Edward Baldwin
Island News Digest November 2007 to April 2008 (wind turbines; impact of new Governor removing secrecy from Executive Council, communication, closure Half Tree Hollow School; Congolese stowaways cast onto life raft off island; European wasp; further collapse of High Knoll Fort; 10% increase in Brize Norton Air charges; 75 gumwood sapling planted at Prince Andrews; value for money evaluation of St Helena Airport contracts; arrival of Father Michael Griffith to serve Catholic worshippers) - Vince Thompson
Progress With the New Visitor Centre  (interim report on the building reconstruction and discoveries made during the work) - Edward Baldwin
Death of Lord Beaumont (obituary) - The Editor
Scientist Following in Darwin’s Footsteps (determining the radiological age of limpet shells and bird bones at St Helena) - Colin Lewis
Chef’s Meals Fit for Royals (Jason Bellord given two-week work experience in Buckingham Palace's kitchens) - Petersfield Post/Derek Bellord
Tristan Near Bankruptcy (Administrator warns that the cost of an ageing population, health and education is resulting in a mounting deficit which means reserves will be exhausted within a few years) - The Editor
A New Set of Aerogrammes (set of six aerial photographs of St Helena will be released by the Post Office) - The Editor
The Government Printer (photographs of the Government Print Shop in 1990) - The Editor, Photos by Nick Thorpe
News From the USA – Reconnecting with One of Our Own! (meeting of Saints at Robertsville in Orlando, Florida) - Charmaine House
RMS News (arrival of ship at Portland) - Alistair Maclean
Interview with Alan Hudson, Chief Engineer - Darrin Henry
Richard James International (relationship with South Atlantic island in the delivery of freight via the RMS and flights to
Ascension) - Richard James International
Book News (St Helena Then and Now by Michel Martineau; Curious Little World: A Self-Imposed Exile on St Helena by Rex Bartlett; A Voyage to Remember by Calvin Woodward; A Tour Through the Island of St Helena by Robin Castell; Glimpsing Utopia Tristan da Cunha 1937-38 by Cathrine Snyder) - The Editor
News From the St Helena Association - The Author
St Helena Tugs of War in 1979 - Photos from Bryan Heseltine’s collection)

Issue 5 - Autumn 2008

Airport On or Off? (Autumn meeting on the 25th September 2008 in which Nigel Kirby, DFID's airport project manager, expressed uncertainty whether the project would gain ministerial approval) - The Editor
Editorial (on the subject of the airport) - The Editor
Reading Sports (The St Helena Association's annual get-together on August bank holiday) - The Editor
Obituaries (Arnold Flagg, Bryan Heseltine, Anthea Pooley, Bery Patricia Orchard and Alexander Sylvanus Williams) - Charles Frater & The Editor
St Helena's Top Model (Lisa-Jane Fowler one of 14 competitors in Living TV's Britain's Next Model) - Vilma Dawson-Goodey
Ascension News (new island Council; two retirements; new Banana Bridge on Green Mountain) - Vicky Wotton
Jamestown Rockfalls (damage to Baptist Church Hall, housing and Ladder Hill Road; rock stabilisation work above the wharf; Wharf Improvement Project) - Edward Baldwin
Latest news on the Museum of St Helena's Visitor Centre - Edward Baldwin
St Helena News Digest (census of rabbit population; lack of public participation with Legco and Exco; heavy rain; Ruperts Valley grave excavations; future island needs for water, electricity and roads reviewed; increased electricity charges; survey of all plant species and rediscovery of tuft sedge; increased RMS fare, celebrate 30 years service; rockfall; sinking of Portiz, the last ocean-going fishing boat; participation in Commonwealth Youth Games;  Jacob's Ladder voted top "wonder of St Helena"; census results) - Vince Thompson
Tammy Williams, recording artist (interview) - Sharon Henry
Book News (The Faraway Island by Dianne Hofmeyr; Napoleon and St Helena: on the Island of Exile by Johannes Willms; St Helena: A Photographic Treasury 1856-1947; One Hundred Mean by Dan Yon [DVD]; The heartbeat of St Helena by Elizabeth Hoveson and Lothar Kuter [DVD]) - The Editor
Napoleon and St Helena: On the Island of Exile by Johannes Willms (book review) - Sarah Wheeler / The Guardian
James Miranda Barry story to be featured in new film - The Editor
SHG Loses Two Prominent Members (retirement of Pamela Lawrence as Chief Education Officer and Ivy Ellick as Chief Health and Social Services Officer) - St Helena Government
Shipping News from AWS (new web site; 30 year anniversary of the RMS) - Andrew Weir Shipping
More Airport Photos (photographic visuals showing the likely appearance of the view across Deadwood; the northern end of the runway; the proposed jetty and temporary wharf at Ruperts Bay) - The Editor

Issue 6 - Spring 2009

Airport Postponed, Liberated Slaves Take the Limelight (DfiD announce a pause and then a consultation on airport; summary of AGM on 16th May, including talk about excavation of liberated African graves)
- The Editor
Editorial (reflections on the impact of liberated African slaves at St Helena)
- The Editor
Chairman’s Report and Accounts May 2009 (review of past year; Statement Of Receipts and Payments 2008/09) - Pamela Ward Pearce
Obituary John Massingham
- Basil George
Obituary John Noakes and Elizabeth Gilpin - Pamela Ward Pearce
Holiday of a Lifetime (return to St Helena after nearly 50 years) - Cyril and Deanne Thomas
Airport Project Goes to Consultation - The Editor
A Look Back at the Thornton Affair (review with photos of street demonstrations at the time, of the controversy in which Tony Thornton, a South African citizen who acquired a majority stake in Solomon & Co, was eventually barred from the island) - Richard Grainger
High Knoll Fort (update of gradual collapse of building structure with a brief history of the structure) - Edward Baldwin
News from the Museum of St Helena (description of Visitor Centre; St Helena Images Project in which a series of photographs, videos, and interviews were collected in 2008; development of a Scrap Book of St Helena to stimulate the interest of young children) - Lucy Caesar and Edward Baldwin
Reading Sports Update (further updates on last year's meeting) - The Editor
Jack Thorpe-Yon – Chasing a Dream (selection as a county cricket player) - Peter Thorpe-Yon
Book News (St Helenian English: Origins Evolution and Variation by Daniel Schreier) - The Editor
Inhuman Traffic: Excavations of the Liberated African Cemeteries at Ruperts Valley - Dr Andrew Pearson
Interview with Maureen Jonas (includes details of Farm Lodge Country House Hotel) - Darrin Henry
Darwin and St Helena (description of Darwin's analysis of St Helena's geology) - Trevor Hearl and Ian Mathieson
Jonathan, Page 3 Pin-Up (review of national newspaper speculation that Jonathon the tortoise is the the oldest living creature in the world) - The Editor
St Helena Association (over £6,000 donated to island) - St Helena Association
News from the Falklands & Ascension - Susan Knipe

Issue 7 - Autumn 2009

Friends Autumn Meeting (description of talk by Dan Yon about emigration to South africa between 1850-1948) - The Editor
Editorial (change in magazine content) - The Editor
Meet the Friends Committee - The Editor
Girl Guiding St Helena (brief story of guiding since 1921) - Pamela Ward Pearce and David Ward
St Helena Connections Discovered (origins of Thomas Henry Gardiner) - John Gardiner
Solo Circumnavigators and St Helena: No 1 Joshua Slocum - Ian Mathieson
Business Growth and Development on St Helena (description of the St Helena Development Agency [SHDA]) - Mercia George
Al Pacino for St Helena?  (magazine speculation that the actor will play the lead part in the proposed film adaptation of the book "Betsy and the Emperor" by Staton Rabin) - The Editor
150th Anniversary of the Arrival of St Helena’s first Bishop (re-enactment of the Bishop Piers Claughton's arrival in 1859, re-enacted by Bishop John Salt, landing at the Steps and being conveyed into Town from the Wharf) - Edward Baldwin
A Tribute to Terry Spens on her 90th Birthday - Ivy Ellick
Museum of St Helena Visitor Centre Update - Edward Baldwin
St Helena Association (Reading Sports Day; Young Persons Award 2009) - St Helena Association
Jack Thorpe-Yon Chasing a Dream, part 2 (selection as a county cricket player) - Peter Thorpe-Yon
St Helena Fifty Years Ago – Extracts from St Helena Wirebird (topics featured in magazine throughout 1959) - The Editor
Interview with Gareth Drabble - From Prince Andrew School to Bedfordshire University - Darin Henry
New Books (Napoleon’s Poisoned Chalice: the Emperor and his Doctor’s on St. Helena by Dr Martin Howard; Napoleon’s Britons and the St Helena Decision by Paul F. Brunyee; The Apocalypse of Napoleon: His Last Years from Waterloo to St Helena: A Medical Biography by Dr Robert Richardson; Down Memory Lane: Recollections of a Wandering Missionary by Father Brendan Sullivan) - The Editor
Rupert’s Valley Archaeological Project: an update (post-excavation research includes osteological study of skeletons to learn more about the age, sex, diet, injuries, level of malnutrition, deseases and place of origin in Africa) - Andrew Pearson
Andrew Nicholl, R.H.A., 1804-1886 (sale of paintings featuring views of St Helena) - The Editor
Sale of Seale’s Geognosy of St Helena (auction sale of Philip Gosse's copy of book; sale at same auction of Frederick Miller's watercolours of St Helena) - The Editor
St Helena Christmas Quiz - Laurence Carter

Issue 8 - Spring 2010

Banks Battery Further Damaged During 2010 Roller Season - Barbara George and Ed Thorpe
Editorial - The Editor
Report on AGM (Chairman’s Address; talk about the St Helena National trust by Ben Jeffs including the restoration of High Knoll Fort) - The Editor
Letters - Pam Cowan & Ivy Ellick
Meeting of the St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society (SHATPS) - The Editor
Robert Mainwaring Legacy to the Friends - The Editor
The St Helena Association (committee members and activities) - St Helena Association
St Helena’s Rollers of 1846 (an account of the destruction of several ships as a result of Rollers in 1846) - Anon
The Women’s Corona Society on St Helena - Rosemary Brown
Solo Circumnavigators and St Helena: No 2 Harry Pidgeon - Ian Mathieson
Tea with Jessica March - Angela Wigglesworth
The St Helena Heritage Construction Skills Project - Edward Baldwin
Michael John Clancy 1949-2010 (an obituary) - John Price
Bob Johnston Remembered (an obituary) - Charles Frater
More Farewells (John Newman 1929-2010; Clive Warren 1945-2010) - Ivy Ellick and Basil George
Ascension Island – A Long Way From Home (impressions of Ascension by Simon and Caroline Croson) - Simon Croson
Extracts from Roots and Shoots Exhibition (Darrin Henry's exhibition in Jamestown of photographs themed on Saints accompanied by a written interview about a facet of their lives) - Darrin Henry
Book Page (Terrible Exile: the Last Days of Napoleon on St Helena by Brian Unwin; The Lesser-Known Varieties of English: An Introduction by D. Schreier, P. Trudgill, E. W. Schneider and J. P. Williams) - The Editor
St Helena features in Radio 4 Play (plot revolves around the invasion of St Helena by the Angolan Navy) - The Editor
Tortoise Trouble (review of controversy regarding the welfare of St Helena's tortoise population) - The Editor
St Helena’s Population (further figures from the 2008 census) - The Editor
A New Fire Engine for St Helena (donation of fire engine by Dorset Fire Service) - Edward Baldwin
A POW Pistol Pen Holder (memorabilia originating from one of the Boer POW camps on St Helena) - Robin Woodruff
The Queen Mary 2 Visit (photographs of ship's arrival in March 2010) - Ed Thorpe

Issue 9 - Autumn 2010

A New Look for Lower Jamestown – EXCO Unveils its Plans - The Editor
Editorial - The Editor
Society Matters (resignation of Alexander Schulenburg from Committee and editor of Wirebird;  appointment of Colin Fox as editor of Wirebird and Ian Bruce to manage web site) - The Editor
A New Look at St Helena Association (new Committee members) - The Editor
Napoleon and His Time on St Helena (summary of talks given by four speakers at the Autumn meeting in October 2010) - The Editor
Saving Napoleon’s Residence on Saint Helena – An Appeal - Professor Peter Hicks
Solo Circumnavigators and St Helena: No 3 Alain Gerbault - Ian Mathieson
Angela Wigglesworth Remembers Meeting George Benjamin - Angela Wigglesworth
The St Helena National Trust Strategic Vision - Edward Baldwin
Edmond Halley and St Helena (description of Halley's astronomical work and clearance of site at Halley's Mount most probably used for observations) - John C Brandt
The Denzil Ibbetson Sale in New Zealand (auction of artefacts dating back to Denzil Ibbetson, who was stationed at St Helena during the period of Napoleon's incarceration) - Colin Fox
Exploring your St Helena Ancestry (use of some less well know sources including The Times Online, The London Gazette, Google Books and India Office records) - Colin Fox
Confessions of a Napoleonic Blogger - John Tyrrell
A Flag for Ascension (suggested designs for the island which does not yet have its own flag and by default still flies the Union flag) - The Editor, sourced from The Islander
Experts rediscover plant thought extinct for 60 years (rediscovery of the endemic parsley fern Anogramma ascensionis on Ascension) - The Editor
Durer’s Rhinoceros: the First Recorded Animal to Visit St Helena (arrival of an Indian rhinoceros at St Helena on a Portuguese ship in 1515) - The Editor and Beau Rowlands
Airport News (DfID make surprising announcement that funding will be provided for the construction of an airport on St Helena subject to four conditions) - The Editor
Photograph of Car No 1 (an Austin Seven imported in 1929 by Homfry Welby Solomon) - Charles Frater
St Helena Fifty Years Ago – Extracts from St Helena Wirebird - The Editor
Book Page (Four Years on St Helena by Lynas Murdoch; Sainte-Hélène: La Captivité, la Maladie, la Mort, et les Médecins autour de Napoléon by Albert Benhamou) - The Editor
The Jamestown Wharf Improvement Project - Edward Baldwin
St Helena at Auction (sundry items recently auctioned including three Chinese rice paper painting of St Helena views, a Melliss first edition and Read's 1815 map of the island) - The Editor
St Helena Christmas Quiz - Laurence Carter

Issue 10 - Spring 2011

High Knoll Reopens (reopening marked by dramatic photos taken from a helicopter) - The Editor
Editorial - The Editor
Society Matters (at Kenwood House on 21st May 2011; new web site launched; next meeting at the Victory Club on the 29th October; donation and participation at the reopening of High Knoll Fort; talk about the emancipation of St Helena's slaves and about archaeological discoveries at Lemon Valley and Ruperts Valley) - The Editor
Shape (St Helena's Active Participation in Enterprise) - The Editor and Basil George
Circumnavigators and St Helena: No 4 Captain Voss - Ian Mathieson
The XX - Talented Newcomers to the Music Scene with St Helena Links (success of music group that includes a second generation St Helenian, Oliver Sim) - David Ward
A Field Guide to St Helena's Plant Life (imminent publication of a new guide to St Helena's endemic and imported plants) - Phil Lambdon
St Helena National Trust opens Heart Shaped Waterfall Trail - Edward Baldwin
Celebrating the Rediscovery of the St Helena Ebony (plant rediscovered by George Benjamin in 1980; includes photographs of ebony-themed art by Michel Dancoisne-Martieau, Angela Price and Iris Fowler) - Edward Baldwin
Is St Helena's Climate Changing? (Antarctica's ozone hole may be resulting in wetter weather at St Helena) - The Editor
Shipwreck at Tristan da Cunha - The Editor
Ascension Island Another Green World:  Like Easter Island, Ascension has lessons for the planet - cheerful ones (reforestation of Green Mountain) - Abridged from the Economist, 16th December 2010
A Lock of Napoleon's Hair Sold at Auction - The Editor
Book Page  (The St Helena Volcanoes by Ian Baker; A Dutch Castaway on Ascension Island in 1725 by Alex Ritsema; What's Cooking on St Helena? by the Ladies Craft Group) - The Editor
Unthinkable?  Banishing Tyrants to Exile - a formal system to lure tyrannical has-beens away from their nations is needed (suggestion that St Helena would be an ideal place to revive the practice of banishing tyrants to remote islands) - The Editor and Editorial from The Guardian on 9th April 2011
Major Moss M. C. - one of St Helena's Finest Sons (a brief biography) - David Marr
St Helena the most extraordinary place on earth (description of St Helena's Tourism Project) - Mike Dean

Issue 11 - Autumn 2011

Announcement that St Helena Airport will be built - The Editor
Obituary Terry Spens 1919-2011, Founding Chairman of the Friends - The Editor
Editorial - The Editor
Society Matters (Autumn Meeting at the Victory Club; description of talks given - Dr Phil Lambdon on St Helena's vegetation and Dr Ian Baker on the island's volcanic geology; introduction of a recording system of talks at meetings). - The Editor
Terry Spens 1919 - 2011 - A Tribute to our Founding Chairman (Biography) - The Editor, Andrew Corbett and Ivy Ellick
St Helena's New Governor, Mark Capes - Editor
Falkland Island Tourist Board forecast 64,000 visitors in 2011. - Merco Press
Circumnavigators and St Helena: No 5: Roger & Edith Strout - Ian Mathieson
Airport News (some details of the Memorandum of Understanding) - The Editor
Obituary: Sharon Wainwright, 1960 - 2011 - Pamela Ward Pearce
Michel Dancoisne-Martineau: A St Helena Passion (An Interview) - Irene Delage
One Last Effort for the Emperor's Home (Report on the progress made in collecting funds to restore and save Longwood House) - Thierry Lentz
MBE for Patsy Flagg - Pamela Ward-Pearce
50-Year Commemoration with Pictures from the Illustrated London News of the Tristan da Cunha Volcano Eruption and Evacuation of the Community, October 1961 - The Illustrated London News
Jamestown, St Helena Wharf Improvements, Phase 2 - Edward Baldwin
Centenary of the Wreck of the SS Papanui (description of the event and of exhibits at the Jamestown Museum) - Edward Baldwin
St Helena and the Hideaway Tour (description of tour organised in collaboration with Magma Tours learning about its geology, vegetation,avifauna and history) - Colin Lewis
St Helena Fifty Years Ago - Extracts from St Helena Wirebird (summary of events on the island in 1961) - Ian Mathieson
St Helena Christmas Quiz - Laurence Carter
The Book Page (Chroniques de Sainte-Helene by Michel Dancoisne-Martineau; Napoleon & I or the Significant Miss Fanny Mitchell by Robert Shelley (Robert Richardson); That Curious Fellow Captain Basil Hall, RN by James McCarthy; William Burchell 1781-1863 St Helena 1805-1810 by Robin Castell) - The Editor
St Helena at Auction  - The Editor

Issue 12 - Spring 2012

Announcement - George Benjamin, 1935-2012 - The Editor
Editorial - The Editor
Annual General Meeting (Chairman’s report, financial report, updates on Wirebird and St Helena Connection; talk by John Pinfold on the Rhodes House Library and its role as a centre of study for imperial history; talk by Andrew Gurr (Governor 2007-2011) on managing change at St Helena - The Editor
A Media Hubbub (closure of both island newspapers, The St Helena Herald and, briefly, The St Helena Independent) following the launch of The Sentinel by the newly formed St Helena News Media Board; changes viewed against the backdrop of SHG’s policy of rationalising the funding of its media services). - The Editor
Island Sky Hopping (description of the cruise ship Island Sky to Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha in December 2011) - Richard Grundy
Cruise Ship Numbers Increase (it is anticipated the number of cruise ships and passengers visiting St Helena will roughly double this year) - The Editor
Solo Circumnavigators and St Helena: No 6 Ray Kauffman - The Editor
St Helena’s Airport: 70 Years of Frustration (a description of the many twists and turns in the history of building an airport on the island since the Second World War) - Ian Mathieson
An Oberoi Hotel for St Helena: The SHELCO Proposals (a perspective view of this decade-long project) - The Editor
Apart from the Airport, why is Prosperous Bay Plain so Special (the identification of 90 endemic insect species, discussion of this biodiversity and the future protection of these ecologically important species) - Myrtle Ashmole
St Helena Online (a new online news service) - Simon Pipe
The Guns from Banks’s Battery (the rescue of nine cannons and their restoration) - Edward Baldwin
Excavation of the Liberated African Graveyard in Rupert’s Valley (description of Andy Person’s book “Infernal Traffic” and its launch at Bristol University on 9 March) - The Editor
Book Page (Watching with Napoleon by R. Pickering; Gizi Map, St Helena and Dependencies: British Overseas Territories; The Emperor and the Irishman, Napoleon and Dr Barry O’Meara on St Helena by Dr Hubert O’Connor) - The Editor
St Helena at Auction (paintings of view with Plantation House by Cornelius Pearson and two of Napoleon - "powerful" and "powerless" - by William Spooner) - The Editor
Deadwood and Prosperous Bay Plain before Bulldozing begins (a series of photographs with views of these areas) - Edward Baldwin

Issue 13 - Autumn 2012

Photographs (The NP Glory 4 unloading at Ruperts' temporary jetty and a procession of 40 tonne dumper tanks crawling up the haul road from Ruperts to Prosperous Bay Plain) - The Editor
Editorial - The Editor
Autumn 2012 Meeting (description of talk by Nigel Kirby [DFID] with an update of the construction of St Helena Airport) - The Editor
St Helena Britannica, Studies in South Atlantic History (publication of a book in June 2013, edited by Dr Alexander Schulenburg, of a collection of articles by the late Trevor Hearl) - The Editor
An East Indiaman off St Helena (donation by Elisabeth Hearl of an oil painting by William Huggins to the Museum of St Helena) - Edward Baldwin
Governor Skottowe Returns Home (donation of a copy of Governor Skottowe's portrait [the original privately purchased in New Zealand in 2007] for display at Plantation House)  - The Editor and David Nicholl
Solo Circumnavigators and St Helena: No 7, Bernard Moitessier - The Editor
Undersea Cable Deal Welcomed (SHG press release with details of the SAEx undersea cable linking South Africa and Brazil, with a potential mid-oceanic link to St Helena) - The Editor
George Benjamin, Tributes - Basil George and Angela Wigglesworth
The Story of the Discovery of the St Helena (dwarf) Ebony - Rebecca Cairns-Wicks
Remembering George Benjamin - Lesley Ninnes
Lemon Valley Developments (description of first phase of improvements at the historic site at Lower Lemon Valley) - Edward Baldwin
The Archives Digitisation Project (description of the pilot work, funded by the British Library and headed by Dr Andy Pearson, to digitise the historically archives held at St Helena) - The Editor
St Helena Fifty Years Ago - Extracts from St Helena Wirebird (includes stories from 1961/2) - The Editor
St Helena Christmas Quiz - The Editor
Book Page (Inside Longwood: Barry O'Meara's Clandestine Letters by Albert Benhamou; Falklands War: Get STUFT by Ivan H. Milburn) - The Editor
St Helena at Auction (Letter from Barry O'Meara to Lord Holland; painting of "East Indiamen lying at anchor off the island of St Helena before Jamestown with some vessels getting underway" byThomas Luney; the anatomical book "Planches anatomiques du corps humain executees d'apres les dimensions naturelles" by Francesco Antommarchi; a group of four 1815/16 Napoleonic caricatures featuring rats) - The Editor
Further Photographs (featuring a dramatic view of Lot's Wife and a portrait of George Benjamin at the Endemic Arboretum) - The Editor

Issue 14 - Spring 2013

Photograph (view of Dry Gut being filled for the new airport runway) - John Tyrrell
Editorial - The Editor
2013 Meeting (Annual General Meeting; 25th anniversary of the Society; Launch of the book St Helena Britannica, with numerous articles by Trevor Hearl, edited by Dr Alexander Schulenburg; talk by Edward Baldwin about the rescue of documents in the basement of the Post Office) - The Editor
Detailed List of the St Helena Regiment (the website now has a page with a list of all men serving in the Regiment in 1819 and 1827) - The Editor
Restoration of St James Spire Appeal (an appeal for help in raising the £55,000-£60,000 needed to restore the church spire) - Mark Capes & Richard Fenwick, respectively Governot & Bishop of St Helena
Airport Progress (completion of first 17% in creating the Dry Gut embankment; seeking a company to provide an air service; development of a permanent wharf at Ruperts Bay) - Nigel Kirby
Ladder Hill Fort Hotel Proposals (background to the thinking about the project by Mantis Hotels) - Caroline Peers (RP Advisor to Mantis)
St Helena in Transition (following a 5-week stay at St Helena, thoughts on the progress being made in building the airport, other changes under way and local attitudes to the changes) - John Tyrrell
Friends of St Helena: 25 Years (explanation of how the Society originated, led by Terry Spens, Trevor Hearl and Dorothy Evans and a description of the differences that arose in the early years about its aims and over what stance should be adopted regarding contemporary island political controversies. - The Editor
Napoleon Bonaparte - the Boys Death Mask (Auctioned at Bonhams) - The Editor
The Friends of St Helena: Listing of AGMs and Autumn Meetings, 1988-2013 (a 2-page tabulated summary of every meeting held by the Society including venues, speakers and the subject of their talks) - The Editor
Friends of St Helena Committee and Office Holders, 1988-2013 (full list of officers and Committee members with dates) - The Editor
Museum of St Helena Post Office Archives Project - Edward Baldwin
The Natural Re-establishment of Masked Booby Colonies on St Helena - The Editor
Modelling the RMS ( creation of model of the ship) - Stanley Amos
Book Page (Flowering Plants & Ferns of St Helena by Phil Lambdon; Lichens of St Helena by Andre Aptroot; Liverworts of St Helena by Martin Wigginton; Islands of Britishness: a Global Perspective) - The Editor
St Helena at Auction (Six items relating to Napoleon's imprisonment including a 5-page list of guard positions around Longwood in 1816; an 1815 copy of Bellasis's Views of St Helena; a copy of Linschoten's Vera effigies et delineatio Insulae Sabctae Helenae; two copies of Alexander Beatson's Tracts Relative to the Island of St Helena) - The Editor
Lucky Escape for Huggins (Following the report in SHC 13 of the transfer of a Huggins painting transferred from Bristol's British Empire Museum to the St Helena Museum, a similar painting along with 150 other artefacts were lost or sold by the museum without the permission of the owners) - The Editor
Jamestown's New Passenger Terminal (description of new terminal facilities, first used in March 2013) - Edward Baldwin
Commemorating Napoleon's Death (report of celebration of Napoleon's death on 5 May 2013) - The Editor
On the Dolphin Run, a Photograph - Ed Thorpe

Issue 15 - Autumn 2013

Photograph (The Asses Ears) - Ed Thorpe

Editorial/Joining the Friends - The Editor

Autumn Meeting - (Times Editor & Reporter Michael Binyon, spoke about media services past, present & future on St Helena; Matthew Woodthorpe, an architect from MWAI, who  spoke about the Napoleonic legacy and its future on the Island)

Society Matters (2014)/Friends Website - The Editor

Airport Project Celebrates Second Anniversary - Edward Baldwin

Eco Housing Plans Set to Transform Island Landscape - Edward Baldwin

St Helena's National Conservation Areas - The Editor

St Helena's Historic Houses - John Tyrrell

Picture Quiz - Ed Thorpe

PBP Environmental Concerns Raised in Parliament/Ebony Returns -The Editor

Longwood House: Towards the Bicentenary - John Tyrrell

Lost and Found on St Helena - David Pryce

Election St Helena Style - The Editor

St Helena Fifty Years Ago - Extracts from St Helena Wirebird - The Editor

St Helena Auction - The Editor

Book Page - John Pinfold

St Helena Christmas Quiz

- The Editor

Issue 16 - Spring/Summer 2014

Photograph (Dry Gut: Before and After)

Editorial - Joining the Friends

AGM 2014 - Richard Huzzey (History Dept., Liverpool University) presented a talk on the Atlantic Slave Trade

"Liberty Bound: Slavery and St Helena" (Exhibit at the International Slavery Museum) - Heidi Bauer-Clapp

St Helena and the Suppression of the Atlantic Slave Trade (continuation of the presentation by Dr. Richard Huzzey at the AGM 2014)

Airport Progress (Nigel Kirby's Update)

St Helena Airport Stamp Issue - Part 1

Airport Layout

"Save Napoleon's House on St Helena": An Update (Thierry Lentz)

Book Page - (Black Rock, The Story of an island, an exile and an emporor, by Louise Hoole); The RMS St Helena South Atlantic Mailship, by Robert A. Wilson, FRSA; Empire, by John Tonks) -  The Editor

The Congleton Willow (further information from Sue Dale)

RFA Darkdale Survey: Extracts from the Marine Salvage Report (Report Summary)

Pharmacies, Signs and Postcards(a history) - Cliff Masters)

St Helena Holds 30% of Endemic Species Found on British Territory (report on the recent RSPB wildlife stocktake) - Editor.

- Ian Mathieson

Issue 17 - Autumn 2014

Photograph (Three Lifelines - the End of an Era) - a painting by artist Andy Crowe)

Editorial  (precis of SHC contents + information on Membership)Charles Frater, plus news updates from the joint Chairmen)    

 A Major New Project for St Helena Heritage and FOSH by Edward Baldwin (the acquisition and development plans for the PWB Building)

 Photograph of the first four FoSH Chairmen

Lonely Planet Omits St Helena (a reaction by The Independent; and a third edition of a St Helena guide by The World)

 U-68 In the South Atlantic (further sinkings by this U-boat - see also SHC 16)

An Hotel at Last :  1-3, Main Street (the Proposed Hotel in Former East India Company Quarters on Main St. Jamestown)

 200th Anniversary of the Burning of the White House(the burning by St George Cockburn, who later accompanied Napoleon to St Helena)

 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Falklands(the battle won by the British Admiral Sir Frederick Doveton)

Airport News (latest news:  Open Days at Dry Gut & the structure of the Combined Building;  UK Met Office to support the airport with weather forecasting)

 St Helena:  The Mails of the Boer Prisoner of War Camps 16th April to August 1902 (by Bernard Mabbett) - article & photos from the talk at the Autumn 2014 Meeting

 Generals' Quarters:  Reconstruction Almost Finished (Longwood House, update and photos)

 Good-bye to the Giant Earwig (field research into this and other endangered species of St Helena)

 Planting Activities on Airport Site (the landscaping and the planting of native and endemic species)

 Solar Farm for St Helena (Exco's allocation of £1m of extra funding)

 Auctions (two paintings of Napoleon Arriving at St Helena)

 Books (RMS St Helena in the Falkland Islands 1982/83, author: Bob Wilson )

 End of the Royal Mail Ship Era (Limited Edition Commemorative Souvenirs from the St Helena Art & Crafts Association)

 St Helena Fifty Years Ago - Extracts from St Helena Wirebird.

 Alexander Lee Innes:  Photographer and Publisher of St Helena's Postcards (a display of his photographs and an appeal)

 St Helena Christmas Quiz No 6(questions developed by Lawrence Carter)

- Ian Mathieson

Issue 18 - Summer 2015

Front Page: Photograph of a Boeing 737 (Information on St Helena's air service;
Mantis Group to run the new hotel; RMS's final months)

Editorial (precis of SHC contents + information re Membership of Friends of St

Annual General Meeting 2015 (Report on the AGM which took place on 13th June at
the University Centre, Oxford)

St Helena Cultural Centre (Edward Baldwin's comprehensive report on progress on
the work on the PWD store in Jamestown + plans)

The British Government and Napoleon: From Elba to St Helena (A Talk Presented by
John Tyrrell at the Friends' AGM June 2015)

The Making of Napoleon (a film being planned by Dominic Aubrey de Vere and
Joseph Curran, to be filmed on location on St Helena - a talk having been given at the
AGM 2015)

Napoleon Who? (Margaret Dyson's report on a visit to the Isle d'Aix where Napoleon
signed the surrender)

Key Points of the 27th March 2015 Airport Announcement (Information on the air
Service Provider, route, fare, etc.)

Aiport Construction Progress (+ photo of the runway to-date)

RMS Discontinued on 17th July 2016 (Itinerary for the final 3 voyages of the RMS)

Centre Pages: Views from the World: Images from the Expedition Team (photos by
Andreas Kalvig Anderson & Banning Eyre during their stay on St Helena)

The Restoration of St Helena's Big Guns (Edward Baldwin's report on the
reinstatement of 4 18th century 32-pounder cannon on the Seafront)

Crazy Cruis Ship Month (Edward Baldwin: "St helena's busiest months for decades
for visiting ships")

Museum News (Donation by the Police Department of Imperial standard weights and
measures; The Museum's iron Garrison carriage)

SS Cairo Treasure Recovered (the BBC report on the $50m-worth of silver coins
discovered on the sea-bed, subsequently given to the St Helena Museum)

St Helena's Polulation and Visitor Number (interesting data from SHG's Quarterly
Statistical Review

Book Page by Ian Mathieson ("Speaking Saint - Yarns from the Island" (edited by
Creative Saint Hlena Writing Group); "Marine Life of St Helena" (Judith Brown);
"The Pepper Tree" & "The Banyan Tree" Basil George.
HMS Dorsetshire and St Helena (Bernard Mabbett's report on the Dorsetshire's visits
to St Helena during World War Two.

Mapping a Changing Island (Sam Cherrett describes this process)

Auctions ("Burial of Napoleon Bonaparte at St Helena" - painting b James Pattison

Return to St Helena after 40 Years (Pamela and Andy Ward Pearce are back on St
Helena and Pamela tells of the move and happenings since their arrival)

Tea Plants Re-Discovered in Fisher's Valley (LEMP report)

Back Page (From Elba to St Helena a Timeline of 1815 by JohnTyrrell; February
26th to December 10th 1815)

- Ian Mathieson

ISSUE 19 - AUTUMN 2015

Front Page:  Photograph (St Helena airport, nearing completion)

Editorial - plus Joining the Friends or Subscribing to The St Helena Connection

Society Matters:  FoSH at Reading Sports 2015; Autumn Meeting at the Victory Services Club; Farewell to the RMS - Thursday, 9th June, 2016.

Napoleon and the Brtish Opposition during the Captivity.  A talk presented by John Tyrrell at the autumn meeting October, 2015.

Louise Hoole Interviewed about her Napoleonic Novel Black Rock.   (Louise Hoole read a piece from Black Rock at the autumn meeting October 2015).

Articles relating to Atlantic Star Airlines' proposed passengers flights to St. Helena.

Ascension Air Service to and from St Helena - Comair Limited.

St Helenians in the Northern Cape, by Dan Yon.

St Helena's First Flight- touch-down on 15th September 2015. Compiled from SHG Reports.

Building Ascension's Water Pipeline - 1829-1831.  - by John Woolven-Allen.

Death of Sir Thomas Oates - a former Governor between 1971 & 1976.

 Notes from a very small island: wonderful, eccentric Ascension - by Duff Hart-Davis.

 Refurbished General's Quarters at Longwood Officially Opened.  Adapted from St Helena Tourism.

 Accommodation on St Helena:  The Blue Lantern.

 Book Page:  St Helena - Ascension - Tristan da Cunha.   The 3rd edition of the Bradt Guide.  Remote - a Story of St Helena - Lindsay Gratton Cooper.   Burchell's Travels: The Life, Art and Journeys of William John Burchell (1781-1863) - Susan Buchanan.

St Helena Christmas Quiz No. 7.

 Napoleon's Visit to Plymouth Commemorated as Part of the Bicentenary - a plaque was unveiled on Plymouth Sound on 16th October 2015.

 Back Page:  Photograph:  Evening in Jamestown.

- Ian Mathieson

ISSUE 20 - SUMMER 2016

Front Page:  Photograph (RMS St Helena with tugs, last sailing through Tower Bridge, London)

Editorial - plus Joining the Friends or Subscribing to The St Helena Connection

 Society Matters: Meet the Friends Committee.  A Rogues Gallery

 Saint Helena Cultural Centre, Jamestown..  MWAI Architects work with The St Helena Heritage Society and FoSH to develop the St Helena Cultural Centre Project.  An update.

 Napoleon and St Helena Exhibition at Les Invalides, Paris.  John Tyrrell's account of his visit to this exhibition where Governor Capes made a symbolic visit to Napoleon's tomb.

 FoSH Summer Meeting - Thames Cruise to Say Farewell to the RMS.  A poignant, but very fitting, occasion.

 Governor Mark Capes - Final Report.  Darrin Henry talks to the former Governor about his memories and hopes for St Helena.

 Lisa Phillips: St Helena's First Woman Governor.  SHG presents the new Governor.

 St Helena's New Cargo Ship.  A report on the purchase of a St Helena Shipping cargo vessel.

 The Airport Saga - How It Unfolded.  A diary of events regarding the wind shear problems.

 The WASS Report into Allegations of Child Safeguarding Issues.  An introduction to the report which was published in December 2015.

 Climate Change on a Rock and a Hard Place: St Helena and the Paris Climate Talks.

The implications of climate change on a small island in the South Atlantic.

 Extinct Cranefly Declared Alive After Landing on Insect Expert.  An extraordinary encounter when it landed on the hand of the British entomologist sent to look for it.

 The First Settlement of Ascension Island.  John Woolven-Allen's account and Bibliography.

 Book Page.  Ian Mathieson reviews:  Distant Freedom - St Helena and the abolition of the slave trade, 1840-1872 (Andrew Pearson); Cycling Across the South Atlantic (Simon Levell); Shakespeare's Island (David J. Jeremiah); Napoleon's Last Island(Thomas Keneally); The Emperor's Shadow(Anne Whitehead); Napoleon's Rosebud(Humphry Knipe); Britain's Treasure Islands (Stewart McPherson); A.L. Innes Freemason, Photographer & Publisher St Helena (Robin A. Woodruff).

 Jonathan's New Diet Makes News.  Jonathan's dietary problems are UK news again!

 Ascension Island Marine Reserve.  The UK is to create a marine reserve around Ascension Island.

 St Helena Population and Revenue Stats.  From SHG's April Quarterly Stats Bulletin.

 Notes from a very small island: wonderful, eccentric Ascension - by Duff Hart-Davis.

 Back Page:  Insider's Guide to St Helena: Basil George.  Q & A Session with Basil.

- Ian Mathieson

ISSUE 21 - AUTUMN 2016

Front Page:  Photograph (Avro RJ100 aircraft on the tarmac at St Helena airport on Friday, 21st October, 2016).

Editorial - plus Joining the Friends and Committee details.

The St Helena Cultural Centre.   Matthew Woodthorpe presents The Vision, the Brief and the Next Steps in the conversion of the PWD store in Jamestown.

A New Ship for St Helena: The Gestation of the present RMS.   Andrew Bell gives the history of the present RMS, from its conception in 1986 to her first sailing in 1990.

A Visit to the Airport.  Edward Baldwin's description of the airport, which includes a touch of the macabre!

Launch of the RMS St Helena.  The late Trevor W. Hearl's previously unpublished account of this occasion.

Just Published:  John Bryant's RMS St Helena: Royal Mail Ship Extraordinary.  Complementary title to previously published histories by Bob Wilson.  

 An English frigate at anchor off the Island of St Helena, with a view of Jamestown beyond.   The life of the artist Thomas Luny who created the oil on canvas picture which is shown on the centre pages. 

 New Exhibits at St Helena Museum.  Expanded Boer Exhibit, RMS St Helena and the Falklands Conflict plus Archaeological Dig on Main Street.

A New Hotel in Jamestown.  Edward Baldwin describes a new high-grade hotel in lower Jamestown, being developed from three Georgian houses in Main Street.

Historic Departure of the RMS from Tilbury, 14.6.2016 by Edward Baldwin, who was on board the RMS and tells of the moving, sometimes amusing, departure of the RMS from England. 

Visit of Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh 22nd January 1957.   Report by the then Education Officer Edgar Wagstaff from St Helena "Wirebird" Feb 1957.

A Childhood in Two Boats Village by John Woolven-Allan.   John's memories of a childhood on Ascension Island.

Wirebirds on the Up? recorded annual census.   Each year the National Trust carries out a census on these indigenous birds.   This year's has seen "an increasing population trend". 

 Death of Myrtle.  The Plantation House tortoise died at the approximate age of 70 years.

Marine Park for St Helena.   The designation of a 200-nautical mile zone around St Helena as a Marine Protected Area.  

- Ian Mathieson

ISSUE 22 - SUMMER 2017

Front Page:  Photograph (Passengers depart St Helena airport after the first charter plane  arrived on 3rd May).

Editorial - topics from the past year, plus Joining the Friendsand Committee details.

Annual General Meeting 2017.  The first to be held at the Quaker Meeting House, Oxford (details of presentations on further pages).

The St Helena Cultural Centre.   At the AGM Matthew Woodthorpe gave an update:  Vision Statement; Project Programme; Business Plan; Construction Cost Plan; Fund Raising; Marketing & PR.

Measuring the Tide at St Helena During the Past Two and a Half Centuries.  A presentation at the AGM by Philip L. Woodworth.

Death Announcements.  Mure Smith 1931-2017; Dorothy Evans 1927-2016; Cathy Hopkins 1947-2017; Rodney Young died January 2017.

 St Helena's Transport Crisis:  the RMS St Helena, the MV Helena and Other Conveyances.  AGM:  An account by Edward Baldwin of the chaos which commenced with the damage to the RMS.

Update on the Mantis St Helena Hotel. The progress of the development of this hotel.

 Country Shops of St Helena.  Sharon Henry's account of the continuing function and contribution to the Island's culture.

 A New Master for the RMS.  A New RMS Skipper - Adam Williams.

 Sailing Ships at St Helena.  Edward Baldwin tells us of the Sølander, the Golden Leeuw and the Europa, that visited St Helena earlier this year.   

Ladder Hill: An Ambitious Sewerage Scheme.  Edward Baldwin talks about the proposal to install an outfall pipe down Jacob's ladder, part of a plan to improve the drainage of Half Tree Hollow.

"Gunman" Strikes Again - the Airport Guns.  An article from Museum of St Helenaof the provision of two 18c guns which have been installed in front of the entrance to St Helena airport.

 Charles Frater.  Charles died 2 days before the Friends' June 2017 AGM.  The account, first published in Wirebird No. 39 (2010), of his first visit to St Helena in 1962, accompanied by Richard Johnston.

Book Page.  Ian Mathieson reviews:  St Helena: A Maritime History (Trevor Boult); Laatste boot naar Sin-Helena. EEn ode aan een van de meest afgelegen eilanden ter wereld  (Ron Moerenhout) Written in Dutch. {Last Boat to Saint Helena}.

 St Helena National Trust Update.  Wirebirds on the Up.  Year-long Monitoring for Invertebrate Project.  Glow in the Dark Woodlouse.  New National Trust shop.

Luny Painting Unveiled at Museum of St Helena.  The unveiling of a large oil painting by Thomas Luny of an English frigate off the North coast of St Helena.

St Helena's Prisoners.  Barbara George writes of the prisoners (slaves and political) and existence on the Island spanning over 100 years.

Back Page:  Durand Brager Débarcadère's Wharf at Jamestown.   Manuel Johnson: Lt. in the East India Company.

- Ian Mathieson